State of Union Schuman report 2014 on Europe


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Is 2014 a turning point for Europe? The European elections and the renewal of the all of the Union's political institutions offer an exceptional opportunity to analyse how the European Union is developing : relations between Germany and France, euro zone reform, investment and financing of the European economy, social Europe, European defence, the issues at stake in the EU/US trade negotiations, data protection etc .
These are the questions which are the focus of the Schuman Report 2014: a work of reference, now expected yearly, it offers decision makers and observers of the European Union original analyses and ideas, supported by the requirements of rigour and quality. It is a vital tool for those seeking the most reliable sources in terms of European statistics. The most qualified personalities and the best experts have been selected to make their contribution to this report: Vitor Gaspar, Philippe Maystadt, Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, Pascal Lamy, Benoît Coeuré, Daniela Schwarzer, etc.
Exclusive: France played a key role in some recent crisis and has intervened several times in Africa. It hopes that European defence cooperation will increase. Jean-Yves Le Drian, the French Defence Minister gives his view and analysis of European defence issues. This book also includes: - a preface by Jean-Dominique Giuliani, Chairman of the Foundation on Europe's priorities in 2014; - a summary of political Europe which analyses the electoral power struggles within the 28 EU Member States, the state of European public opinion and an assessment of the political and economic representation of women in Europe; - a unique set of commented statistics and maps on all of the major topical themes (growth, employment, competitiveness, globalisation, energy, environment etc.) The Schuman Report 2014 on Europe, the State of the Union offers an overall view of the European Union and its policies.
Key work - more than ever before - to understand European issues.
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Thierry Chopin is the Director of Studies at the Robert Schuman Fondation Michel Foucher is member of the Scientific Comittee of the Robert Schuman Fondation.

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 Collectif - State of Union Schuman report 2014 on Europe.
State of Union Schuman report 2014 on Europe
10,99 €
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