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Today, parallel computing experts can solve problems previously deemed impossible and make the "merely difficult" problems economically feasible to solve.... > Lire la suite
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Today, parallel computing experts can solve problems previously deemed impossible and make the "merely difficult" problems economically feasible to solve. This book presents and synthesizes the recent experiences of reknown expert developers who design robust and complex parallel computing applications. They demonstrate how to adapt and implement today's most advanced, most effective parallel computing techniques. Industrial Strength Parallel Computing begins with a highly focused introduction to the parallel computing environment. This is followed by case studies of production-quality industrial and scientific applications. Ali are presented firsthand by the actual code developers. Each case study follows the same comparison-inviting format, presenting lessons learned and algorithms developed in the course of meeting real, non-academic challenges. A final section highlights the case studies most important insights and turns an eye to the future of the discipline. Explains elements critical to all parallel programming environments, including, terminology and architectures, programming models and methods, and performance analysis, assessment, optimization, scheduling, and debugging tools. Provides in-depth case studies of seventeen parallel computing applications-some built from scratch, others developed through parallelizing existing applications. Teaches primarily by example, showing how scientists in many fields have solved daunting problems using parallel computing. Covers a wide range of application areas such as biology, aerospace, semiconductor design, environmental modeling, data imaging and analysis, and fluid dynamics. Presents technical animations and visualizations from many of the applications detailed in the case studies via a companion Web site.
    • Parallel computing architectures
    • Parallel application performance
    • Programming models and methods
    • Parallel programming tools
    • Optimizing for single-processor performance
    • Scheduling Issues
    • Ocean modeling and visualization
    • Impact of aircraft on global atmospheric chemistry
    • Petroleum reservoir management
    • Gaining insights into the flow in a static mixer
    • Modeling groundwater flow and contaminant transport
    • Simulation of plasma reactors
    • Electron-molecule collisions for plasma modeling
    • Three-dimensional plasma particle-in-cell calculations of ion thruster backflow contamination
    • Advanced atomic-level materials design
    • Solving symmetric eigenvalue problems
    • Nuclear magnetic resonance simulations
    • Molecular magnetic resonance simulations
    • Molecular dynamics simulations using particle-mesh
    • Radar scattering and antenna modeling
    • Functional magnetic resonance imaging data test analysis
    • Selective and sensitive comparison of genetic sequence data
    • Interactive optimization of video compression algorithms
    • Designing industrial parallel applications
    • The future of industrial parallel computing.
  • Date de parution : 01/10/1999
  • Editeur : Morgan Kaufmann
  • ISBN : 1-55860-540-1
  • EAN : 9781558605404
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  • Nb. de pages : 600 pages
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Biographie d'Alice-E Koniges

Alice E. Koniges is an internationally known authority on parallel application development. As leader of the Parallel Applications Technology Program at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, she directed researchers in the largest set of agreements between industries and national laboratories ever funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. She has served as a consultant to the Max Planck Institutes of Germany on parallelization and high performance computing issues.

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