Html & Xhtml. The Definitive Guide, 4th Edition

Bill Kennedy


Chuck Musciano

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Bill Kennedy et Chuck Musciano - Html & Xhtml. The Definitive Guide, 4th Edition.
Netscape Navigator 6.0! Internet Explorer 5.0! HTML 4.01! XML and XHTML! Style sheets! HTML is changing so fast that it's almost impossible to keep up... Lire la suite
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Netscape Navigator 6.0! Internet Explorer 5.0! HTML 4.01! XML and XHTML! Style sheets! HTML is changing so fast that it's almost impossible to keep up with developments. How do you know what's real, and how do you use it? HML & XHML: The Definitive Guide brings it all together for you. It is the most comprehensive book available on HTML today. It covers the latest standards, HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0, and all the features supported by the popular web browsers. Learning HTML or XHTML is like learning a language. Most students first immerse themselves in examples. Studying what others do makes learning easy and fun. Imitation can take you only so far, though. It's as easy to learn bad habits through imitation as it is to acquire good ones. The better way to become HTML-fluent is through a comprehensive reference that covers the language syntax, semantics, and variations and helps you distinguish between good and bad usage. HML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide helps you both ways: the authors cover every element of the two standards in detail, explaining how each element works and how it interacts with other elements. Many hints about HTML style help you write documents ranging from simple online manuals to complex marketing presentations. With hundreds of examples, the book gives you models for writing effective web pages and mastering advanced features. It will also help you to make the transition from HTML to the next generation web markup language, XHTML. HTML & XIIML: The Definitive Guide shows you how to: • Use style sheets to control a document's appearance • Create tables, from simple to complex • Use frames to coordinate sets of documents • Design and build interactive forms and dynamic documents • Insert images, sound files, video, applets, and JavaScript programs • Create documents that look good on a variety of browsers • Use XHTML to prepare for the next wave of electronic publishing A handy quick reference card listing HTML and XHTML tags is included.


    • HTML, XHTML, and the World Wide Web
    • Quick Start
    • Anatomy of an HTML Document
    • Text Basics
    • Rules, Images, and Multimedia
    • Links and Webs
    • Formatted Lists
    • Cascading Style Sheets
    • Forms
    • Tables
    • Frames
    • Executable Content
    • Dynamic Documents
    • Netscape Layout Extensions
  • XML
    • Tips, Tricks, and Hacks.


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Chuck Musciano ( grew up on the East Coast, having spent time in Maryland, Georgia, and New Jersey before acquiring a B.S. in computer science from Georgia Tech in 1982. He spent the next 15 years in the employ of Harris Corporation in Melbourne, Florida, first as a compiler writer and crafter of tools and later as a member of Harris's Advanced Technology Group. His focus on Unix-based technology led to a position within Harris's Corporate Data Center, managing Unix systems. Along the way, he grew to know and love the Internet, having contributed a number of publicly available tools to the Net. The Web was a natural next step, and he has been running various web sites for several years. Most recently, he has taken the position of Chief Information Officer with the American Kennel Club in Raleigh, North Carolina. Chuck has written on Unix- and Internet-related topics in the trade press for the past decade, most visibly as the "HTML Q&A" columnist for NetscapeWorld (, the "Webmaster" columnist for SunWorld (, and the "Tag of the Week" columnist for WebReview ( In his spare time he enjoys life in North Carolina with his wife Cindy, daughter Courtney, and son Cole. Bill Kennedy ( is currently President and Chief Technology Officer for ActivMedia, Inc., a high-tech marketing and market-research firm based in cyberspace ( Among other ventures, he is actively involved in the development and sales of mobile robotics platforms used primarily in artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic research and for training. In past lives, Bill acquired a Ph.D. and performed basic research for 12 years in the fields of biochemistry and biophysics; developed educational software with Kine-mation; was editor-in-chief of A+ Publishing; and was a technical, then senior editor for SunWorld/Advanced Systems magazine.

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