Dinosaurs of the Air. The Evolution and Loss of Flight in Dinosaurs and Birds (Relié)

Gregory-S Paul

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  • Johns Hopkins

  • Paru le : 21/05/2002
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Dinosaure of the Air : The Evolution and Loss of Flight in Dinosaure and Birds presents the most recent work of renowned evolutionary scientist and dinosaur illustrator Gregory Paul. Dinosaure of the Air synthesizes the growing body of evidence which suggests that modem-day birds have evolved from theropod dinosaurs of prehistoric times. Paul argues provocatively for the idea that the ancestordescendant relationship between the dinosaurs and birds can on occasion be reversed, and that many dinosaure were secondarily flightless descendants of creatures we would regard as birds. Controversial and comprehensive, Dinosaure o f the Air also offers new, firsthand interpretations of major fossils ; a balanced, rewarding discussion of the ways we think flight may have evolved (comparing " ground up " and " trees down " scenarios) ; a close look at the famous urvogel Archaeopteryx, discussing what it can and cannot tell us about bird origine ; and in-depth analyses of bird and theropod phylogenetics. Full of rich detail for the specialist but accessible to the intelligent lay reader, the book includes the author's own stunning illustrations and a technical appendix that provides information, for example, on body mass/wing dimension relationships and avian/dinosaurian metabolics.
    • Getting started
    • Skeletons, Bones, and other Remains of the Mesozoic
    • Flight : How and Why It Evolves, Why It Is Lost, and How to Tell When
    • The Archaeopteryx Problem
    • Who is Related to Whom, and Why ?
  • Date de parution : 21/05/2002
  • Editeur : Johns Hopkins
  • ISBN : 0-8018-6763-0
  • EAN : 9780801867637
  • Présentation : Relié
  • Nb. de pages : 460 pages
  • Poids : 1.63 Kg
  • Dimensions : 22,1 cm × 28,4 cm × 3,6 cm
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Dinosaurs of the Air. The Evolution and Loss...
74,10 €
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