ULTRA POP GRAPHICS Vol. 1 (Cartonné)

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  • Arkivia Books

  • Paru le : 01/02/2010
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A Fashion Book made by Graphics, suitable for Stylists, Designers and Art Directors. These designs retrace the style in vogue in the eighties but seen... > Lire la suite
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A Fashion Book made by Graphics, suitable for Stylists, Designers and Art Directors. These designs retrace the style in vogue in the eighties but seen with eyes of the present. - 250 DESIGNS saved in 5 ways - 1250 files in all - the use is free with NO ROYALTIES. - 1 Free DVD included for WINDOWS and MAC - Vector and Bitmap Hi-res Files, ready for production. - They can be used with many graphic softwares, such as ILLUSTRATOR or PHOTOSHOP .
The Eighties was a special time for the creative people who participated, made up of absolute visual liberty with no fear of making mistakes, of the excessive or of Kitsch. Then, I was directing a fashon design studio in Florence (Italy), visiting international fairs and engaged in business meetings for new products. This was all very exciting, the air I breathed, for example in New York or London,was full of creative liberty, in the knowledge of what the market wanted: ever-new ideas and the search for not-yet-discovered things.
We could take the daring step and match styles that none would have done before. In the name of modernity, we had to try! Strong tastes, decisive flavours; by now the world was entering into the "computer for all" era. Well-being and modernity were looking for the images that could assert them. So, the mix, strong and varied, was the essence of the Eighties, provocative even, to find new roads that have signposted the present time, such as the Postmodern Look in contraposition to the elegant Minimalism of Hi-Tech or Optical matched with Floreal, regular geometries and chaotic puzzles.
But the graphics of that period did not have the strength to transform a product or indeed enough force in design to risk combining circle and triangle, soft curves and broken lines. If anything, they were an accompaniment, like a brand or a label, succeeding less than a texture or a form could, in decoration. However, research went on in the same daring ways, looking for unusual cuts and graphic quotes.
Decisive colours with a lot of black in attendance, many nets, pois, lines and optical effects, mixing photos and designs, ancient and modern. New fonts were beginning to be used, the need was not yet obvious, but unconscious. These were the Eighties, this is ULTRAPOP.
  • Date de parution : 01/02/2010
  • Editeur : Arkivia Books
  • ISBN : 978-88-88766-19-5
  • EAN : 9788888766195
  • Présentation : Cartonné
  • Poids : 1.229 Kg
  • Dimensions : 24,5 cm × 31,5 cm × 2,0 cm
Vincenzo Sguera - ULTRA POP GRAPHICS Vol. 1.
98,00 €
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