Gothic Pop Textures vol. 2 (Cartonné)

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  • Paru le : 01/11/2007
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A Fashion Book made by modular Textures, suitable for Stylists, Designers and Art Directors. - This Collection has as Theme the GOTHIC POP and NEW LIBERTY... > Lire la suite
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A Fashion Book made by modular Textures, suitable for Stylists, Designers and Art Directors. - This Collection has as Theme the GOTHIC POP and NEW LIBERTY Style. - 130 DESIGNS saved in 5 ways - 650 files in all - the use is free with NO ROYALTIES. - 1 Free DVD included for WINDOWS and MAC - Vector and Bitmap Hi-res Files, ready for production. - They can be used with many graphic softwares, such as ILLUSTRATOR or PHOTOSHOP.
It is not always possible for TASTE to follow a straight road, because it is linked to the social and political situations in which we live. Man's need to be more introspective, attracted by mysticism and non-rational figures, full of ancient, spiritual meaning, has produced a look ever-present after '68: the "DARK" look which took several roads up to the present time. A gothic look, made up of involutions, forms that are complex, harsh, excessive, lacking colour and very stylized.
This "DARK" look has evolved into a NEW LIBERTY, lightening the original heaviness, for example bringing a skull to be associated with a spray of flowers. The gloominess of the times has felt the need to become lighter. I have synthetizised these stylistic features in "GOTHIC POP" and the books of this series. In "Gothic Pop Textures Vol. 2" I have tried to raise the level of disorder and creativity.
More varied and less elegant, it is fresh and young for a more aggressive target than the first volume. The complexity of the icons and geometries made of circles, lines or optical fillings has determined its style, also arrows and stars, hearts and skulls, a whole universe that can sometimes be found in the tattoos that the young and not-so-young love so much. Every texture is chaos in itself where creative people who like to be stimulated and be daring can fish out something, a fragment to use in a project of theirs.
I could say that there has been a jump in time, as if we had travelled into the future, hypothesising a new graphic scenario. A book where new discoveries can be made on every reading
  • Date de parution : 01/11/2007
  • Editeur : Arkivia Books
  • ISBN : 978-88-88766-08-9
  • EAN : 9788888766089
  • Présentation : Cartonné
  • Poids : 1.331 Kg
  • Dimensions : 24,8 cm × 31,2 cm × 2,2 cm

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Gothic Pop Textures vol. 2
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