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As an experienced developer, you need to get the facts on a new technology fast. Without the marketing hype, without the trivial introduction. That's... Lire la suite
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As an experienced developer, you need to get the facts on a new technology fast. Without the marketing hype, without the trivial introduction. That's what " Wrox Programmer's References " deliver. Hard facts on the newest technologies with practical examples of how to apply new tools to your development projects today. XML has established itself as the universal standard for delivering documents and data on the web. Who is this book for ? The question now is : how do you processing ail this data ? The new XSL Transformation language (XSLT) was developed to meet this need : it is poised to become the SQL of the structured document world. It allows you to convert XML documents into HTML for display, or to convert XML data from one representation to another, ail using a high-level declarative language. Who is this book for ? This book is for programmers who want to learn how to use the XSLT language to develop web applications. The book is in three parts : a detailed introduction to the concepts of the language, a reference section giving comprehensive specifications and working examples of every language feature, and a development guide giving design advice and case studies for the advanced user. Products covered include latest versions of Microsoft MSXML, Apache Xalan, Oracle XML and the open source implementations Saxon and xt. Who does this book cover ? Explains the rationale behind XSLT : what is it for ? Describes the XSLT processing model and stylesheet structure Gives full specifications of the XSLT language Using XPath expressions to address XML documents. Explores several design patterns. Demonstrates the language through worked examples. Describes currently available processors.


    • What is XSLT ? How does XSLT transform XML ? Th place of XSLT in the XML family
    • The history of XSL
    • XSLT as a language
    • Where to use XSLT
    • XSLT : a system overview
    • The Tree model
    • The transformation process
    • Variables, expressions and data types
    • The modular structure of a stylesheet
    • The < xsl : stylesheet ? > processing instruction
    • Embedded stylesheets
    • Top-level elements
    • Simplified stylesheets
    • Template bodies
    • Attribute value templates
    • Extensibility
    • Forwards compatibility
    • Whitespace


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