Virtual Private Networks. Technologies and solutions (Relié)

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Virtual private networks have become an essential part of today's business networks, as they provide a cost-effective means of assuring private internal... > Lire la suite
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Virtual private networks have become an essential part of today's business networks, as they provide a cost-effective means of assuring private internal and external communications over the shared Internet infrastructure. Virtual Private Networks: Technologies and Solutions is a comprehensive, practical guide to VPNs. This book presents the various technology components, concrete solutions, and best practices you need to deploy and manage a highly successful VPN. Readers will find an overview of fundamental VPN concepts and architectures, followed by an in-depth examination of advanced features and functions such as tunneling, authentication, access control, VPN gateways, VPN clients, and VPN network and service management. Specific topics covered include: IPsec, featuring the Authentication Header, Encapsulating Security Payload, Internet Key Exchange, and implementation details; PPTP, L2F, L2TP, and MPLS as VPN tunneling protocols; two-party and three-party authentication, including RADIUS and Kerberos; public key infrastructure (PKl) and its integration into VPN solutions; access control policies, mechanisms, and management, and their application to VPNs; VPN gateway functions, including site-to-site intranet, remote access, and extranet; gateway configuration, provisioning, monitoring, and accounting; gateway interaction with firewalls and routers; VPN client implementation issues, including interaction with operating systems; client operation issues, including working with NAT, DNS, and link MTU limits; VPN management architectures and tunnel and security management; outsourcing and service provider environments.
    • Basic concepts
    • VPN Architectures
    • Tunnels
    • IPsec
    • Authentication
    • Public key infrastructure
    • Access control
    • VPN gateways
    • VPN clients
    • VPN network and service management
    • VPN directions: beyond connectivity
  • Date de parution : 13/07/2001
  • Editeur : Addison-Wesley / Helix Books
  • ISBN : 0-201-70209-6
  • EAN : 9780201702095
  • Présentation : Relié
  • Nb. de pages : 316 pages
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  • Dimensions : 19,3 cm × 24,1 cm × 2,6 cm
Ruixi Yuan is a network researcher focusing on high-speed networking and security. He was the architect of Genuity's VPN Advantage Service and served as its product manager. In addition, he has conducted research and development in computer and communication networks at NEC, GTE Laboratories, and BBN Technologies. W.Timothy Strayer is a senior scientist at BBN Technologies, where he conducts research on network protocols, routing infrastructures, computer security, and network management and monitoring systems for VPNs. Previously he was a senior network researcher at Sandia National Laboratories. He is the coauthor of XTP: The Xpress Transfer Protocol (Addison-Wesley, 1992).

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Virtual Private Networks. Technologies and solutions
51,50 €
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