The Real-Time Specification for Java (Broché)


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  • Addison-Wesley / Helix Books

  • Paru le : 01/10/2000
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Real-time programming is a critical component in the development of many consumer, industrial, and system devices. This book represents the first official specification for developing real-time applications with the Java' platform. The Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ) is the definitive reference to the semantics, extensions, and modifications to the Java programming language that enable the Java platform to meet the requirements and constraints of real-time system predictability, performance, and capabilities. These world renowned authors provide you with an authoritative resource for all of the APIs and Java virtual machine semantics required to implement the specification. The newly developed RTSJ enables the creation, verification, analysis, execution, and management of code written for the Java platform for which the correctness conditions, timeliness, and execution predictability are paramount. This specification provides programmers with the ability to model applications and program logic that require predictable execution which meets hard real-time constraints. The RTSJ APIs, methods, and classes are fully detailed and contain sample code that demonstrate the important concepts and techniques. Additionally, you will find coverage of such specific topics as : Scheduling. Memory management. Synchronization. Asynchronous event handling. Asynchronous transfer of control. Asynchronous thread termination. Physical memory access. As the most authoritative and comprehensive description of a new and important technology, this book is an essential resource for programmers who are developing implementations of the RTSJ and programming for real-time systems. You will also find this book useful if you are a real-time programmer interested in the Java platform.
    • Design
    • Threads
    • Scheduling
    • Memory management
    • Synchronization
    • Time
    • Timers
    • Asynchrony
    • System and options
    • Exceptions.
  • Date de parution : 01/10/2000
  • Editeur : Addison-Wesley / Helix Books
  • Collection : The Java series
  • ISBN : 0-201-70323-8
  • EAN : 9780201703238
  • Présentation : Broché
  • Nb. de pages : 195 pages
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Greg Bollella of IBM leads the Real-Time for Java Expert Group under the Java Community Process. James Gosling is Fellow and Vice President, Sun Microsystems, Inc, inventor of the Java programming language, and primary team member of the Real-Time for Java Expert Group. Co-authors Ben Brosgol (Aonix), Peter Dibble (Microware), Steve Furr (QNX), David Hardin (aJile), and Mark Turnbull (Nortel) are members of the primary team in the Real-Time for Java Expert Group and key contributors to this book.

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The Real-Time Specification for Java
37,30 €
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