The Finite Element Method for Solid and Structural Mechanics (Relié)

6e édition

O. C. Zienkiewicz, R. L. Taylor

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  • Elsevier Science & Technology

  • Paru le : 01/01/2005
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This key text and reference for engineers, researchers and senior students deals with the analysis and modelling of structures - from large civil engineering projects such as dams and aircraft structures, through to small engineered components. Since the publication of the first edition in 1967 complete stand-alone volume has evolved to cover the latest developments and the methods that are essential for engineers and mathematicians. Together with the first and third self-contained volumes, The Finite Element Method Set provides a formidable resource covering the theory and the application of FEM, including the basis of the method, its application to advanced solid and structural mechanics and to computational fluid dynamics.
    • General problems in solid mechanics and non-linearity
    • Galerkin method of approximation - irreductible and mixed forms
    • Solution of non-linear algebraic equations
    • Inelastic and non-linear materials
    • Geomatrically non-linear problems - finite deformation
    • Material constitution for finite deformation
    • Treatment of constraints - contact and tied interfaces
    • Pseudo-rigid and rigid-flexible bodies
    • Discrete element methods
    • Structural mechanics problems in one dimension - rods
    • Plate bending approximation : thin (Kirchhoff) plates and C1 continuity requirements
    • " Thick " Reissner-Mindlin plates - irreductible and mixed formulations
    • Shells as an assembly of flat elements
    • Curved rods and axisymmetric shells
    • Shells as a special case of three-dimensional analysis - Reissner-Mindlin assumptions
    • Semi-analytical finite element processes - use of orthogonal functions and " finite strip " methods
    • Non-linear structural problems
    • Multiscale modelling
    • Computer procedures for finite elements analysis
  • Date de parution : 01/01/2005
  • Editeur : Elsevier Science & Technology
  • ISBN : 0-7506-6321-9
  • EAN : 9780750663212
  • Présentation : Relié
  • Nb. de pages : 631 pages
  • Poids : 1.255 Kg
  • Dimensions : 17,5 cm × 25,5 cm × 3,7 cm
O.C. Zienkiewicz is Professor Emeritus at the Civil and Computational Engineering Centre, University of Wales Swansea, UK and the UNESCO Chair of Numerical Methods In Engineering at the Technical University of Catalunya, Spain. R.L. Taylor is a Professor In the Graduate School, Department of Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, USA.
O. C. Zienkiewicz et R. L. Taylor - The Finite Element Method for Solid and Structural Mechanics.
The Finite Element Method for Solid and Structural...
88,50 €
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