The essence of object-oriented programming with Java and UML. Avec CD-ROM (Broché)

Bruce-E Wampler

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  • Addison-Wesley / Helix Books

  • Paru le : 20/02/2002
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You've written some lines of Java code and created a few objects, yet you understand that this doesn't constitute true object-oriented programming. As a Java programmer, you want to get more out of your efforts. This introduction to the basics of object-oriented programming and the Unified Modeling Language (UML) will give you a firm foundation on which to build high-quality software systems that reap the full benefit of an objectoriented approach. This book not only explains the essence of the object-oriented paradigm, but also places it in the context of real-world application development, so you can reap the concrete benefits of programming with objects. The Essence of Object-Oriented Programming with Java and UML, comprehensive in scope, addresses a broad range of essential topics, from initial design through implementation. Familiarize yourself with the basics of objects and how they are manifested in Java, the process of objectoriented analysis and design, and building the user interface. Then explore a variety of recent developments in the field, including design patterns, refactoring, development methodologies, and helpful tools. Specific topics covered include: • Introduction to object orientation and objectoriented terminology • The fundamentals of UML • Defining classes in Java • Inheritance, association, aggregation, composition, and encapsulation • Evaluating candidate objects • Building the graphical user interface with Swing • MVC (Model, View, Controller) with Java • Development methodologies, including Extreme Programming and the Unified Process • Development tools, including a complete free version of Borland JBuilder on the CD To provide a real-world focus, the book offers numerous examples as well as a small case study illustrating how an object-oriented approach leads to effective, robust, and efficient software solutions. The author's best practices, based on his extensive professional experience, reveal valuable techniques and approaches for successful object-oriented projects.
    • Objects, UML, and Java
    • The essence of objects
    • Objects in Java
    • Object-oriented analysis and design
    • Object-oriented graphical user interfaces with Swing
    • A case study in Java
    • Design patterns
    • Refactoring
    • Software development methodologies today
    • Software tools for object-oriented development
    • Programming : a personal perspective
    • What next ?
  • Date de parution : 20/02/2002
  • Editeur : Addison-Wesley / Helix Books
  • ISBN : 0-201-73410-9
  • EAN : 9780201734102
  • Présentation : Broché
  • Nb. de pages : 290 pages
  • Poids : 0.685 Kg
  • Dimensions : 18,9 cm × 23,5 cm × 2,0 cm

Biographie de Bruce-E Wampler

Bruce E. Wampler, founder and CEO of Object Central, was a pioneer in developing spelling and grammar checking software for personal computers, and was the co-founder of Reference Software International, which was later acquired by WordPerfect. He has also developed and delivered many successful, real-world applications, and several widely used open source object-oriented programming tools. During his extensive career, he has worked at Sandia National Laboratory and taught at the University of New Mexico.

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The essence of object-oriented programming with Java and UML. Avec CD-ROM est également présent dans les rayons

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The essence of object-oriented programming with Java and...
50,60 €
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