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Language has been the biggest help to human progress. But, ironically, language has also become the barrier to its own development. We are locked in to... > Lire la suite
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Language has been the biggest help to human progress. But, ironically, language has also become the barrier to its own development. We are locked in to words and concepts that are limited and out of date. These force us to see the world in a very old-fashioned way. Like any self-organizing system, language has become bogged down in its own equilibrium. The marvellous flexibility of language for description does not enable us to hold complex concepts in our minds. Such concepts exist only where we describe them. The purpose of the two code systems put forward in this book is to allow us to design, hold and use complicated new ideas. Since new words would sound bizarre and grotesque, the new concepts are expressed in a numerical code. This is no different from remembering and using telephone numbers: some you know and Chers you look up. There are a wide range of codes in this book that help overcome the language barriers in anything from relationships to travel. An important and powerful "precode" is also given. The codes presented here are just the beginning of the exciting and limitless range of the de Bono Code.
  • Date de parution : 20/07/2001
  • Editeur : Penguin Books
  • ISBN : 0-14-028777-9
  • EAN : 9780140287776
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Biographie d'Edward de Bono

Edward de Bono has had faculty appointments at the universities of Oxford, London, Cambridge and Harvard. He is widely regarded as the leading authority in the direct teaching of thinking as a skill. He originated the concept of lateral thinking and developed formal techniques for deliberate creative thinking. He has written sixty-three books, which have been translated into thirty-seven languages, has made two television series and there are over 4,000,000 references to his work on the Internet. Dr de Bono has been invited to lecture in fifty-two countries and to address major international conferences. In 1989 he was asked to chair a special meeting of Nobel Prize laureates. His instruction in thinking has been sought by some of the leading business corporations in the world such as IBM, Du Pont, Shell, Eriksson, McKinseys, CibaGeigy, Ford and many others. He has had a planet named after him by the International Astronomic Union and was named by a group of university professors in South Africa as one of the 250 people in all of history who have contributed most to humanity. Dr de Bono runs the most widely used programme for the direct teaching of thinking in schools. This is now in use in many countries around the world. Dr de Bonos key contribution has been his understanding of the brain as a self-organizing system. From this solid base he set out to design practical tools for thinking. His work is in use equally in the boardrooms of some of the worlds largest corporations and with four-year-olds in school. His design of the Six Hats method provides, for the first time, Western thinking with a constructive idiom instead of adversarial argument. His work is in use in élite gifted schools, rural schools in South Africa and Khmer villages in Cambodia. The appeal of Dr de Bono's work is its simplicity and practicality.

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The De Bono Code Book
10,90 €
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