The art of scientific writing

Hans-F Ebel


Claus Bliefert


W.E. Russey

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Hans-F Ebel et Claus Bliefert - The art of scientific writing.
Most scientists live in a "publish or perish environment, but few would describe themselves as brilliant writers. Coming to the aid of all those wishing... Lire la suite
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Most scientists live in a "publish or perish environment, but few would describe themselves as brilliant writers. Coming to the aid of all those wishing to improve the quality of their scientific writing, three experienced authors from differing backgrounds and cultures have worked together to compile this classic guide to scientific writing. This new edition has been completely revised to reflect dramatic changes in communication over the past 15 years. The primary emphasis is on writing techniques, accurate expression, adherence to accepted standards, and above all clarity, but the authors also venture into communication technology and organizational as well as ethical aspects of science.


    • Reports
    • Dissertations
    • Journal articles
    • Books
    • Writing techniques
    • Formulas
    • Figures
    • Tables
    • Collecting and citing the literature


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À propos des auteurs

Hans F. Ebel received bis Ph. D. in chemistry in i96o with Georg Wittig at the University of Heidelberg (Germany). He was for many years Senior Editor and later a member of the board of directors of the publishing bouse Verlag Chemie/VCH (now Wile y-VCH). Author and coauthor of numerous original publications including books, he bas been active since 1982 in the field of scientific and technical communication in general and scientific publication in particular He bas also contributed to the terminological activities of DI N (Deutsches Institut für Normung) and is a board member of the European Association of Science Editors. Claus Bliefert bas since 1973 been a Professor Chemistry at the University of Applied Sciences Münster (Germany). Responsible for numerous research contributions in the fields of hydroxylamines and fluorine chemistry, he was in 1994 named director the school's Laboratory for Environmental Chemistry, and this subject bas become bis principal interest in both teaching and applied research. Author and coauthor of numerous books, including several in the field of scientific communication, he regularly presents lectures and seminars on topics like "Scientific Writing" and "Technical Presentation". William E Russey earned his Ph.D. in chemistry at Harvard in 1967, where he was in the research group of E.J. Corey. His professional life was spent on the faculty of Juniata College, Huntingdon (Pennsylvania), from which he retired as Dana-Supported Professor of Chemistry in 2002. Translator of several books, primarily for VCH, and numerous articles for AngewandteChemie, and an editor and translator with the Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, he bas also coauthored the book Text and Graphics in the Electronic Age.

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