SQL FOR SMARTIES. Advanced SQL programming, second edition

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SQL for Smarties was hailed as the first book devoted explicitly to the advanced techniques you need to transform yourself into an expert SQL programmer.... Lire la suite
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SQL for Smarties was hailed as the first book devoted explicitly to the advanced techniques you need to transform yourself into an expert SQL programmer. Now, in this fully updated second edition, SQL mastermind Joe Celko keeps you moving forward, using his entertaining, conversational style to teach you the best solutions to old and new challenges and to convey the way what you need to think if you really want to get the most out of-your SQL programming efforts. Inside, logic- and set-based analyses replace the traditional, procedural approach to problem-solving, helping you make the conceptual leap that separates an SQL guru from the rest of the pack. As you catch on to Celko's approach, you'll devour what he bas to say about sortie of SQL's toughest topics : how aggregate functions really work, the best way to work with NULLs, how and why to fake array structures, and much more. This book gives special emphasis to SQL-92 and product-independent techniques that let you optimize performance or achieve highly specialized behavior, regardless of the RDBMS with which you work. If you serious about SQL, you won't let SQL, for Smarties out of your sight. Presents ail-new war stories that give you insight into real-world SQL programming challenges. Continues to cover SQL-89 but focuses heavily on the SQL-92 standard. Offers still more undocumented tips for working around system deficiencies. Teaches scores of advanced techniques that eau lie used with any product, in an SQL environment. Offers expert advice front a noted SQL authority and award-winning columnist.


    • Database design
    • Normalization
    • Numeric data in SQL
    • Temporal datatypes in SQL
    • Character datatypes in SQL
    • NULLs-Missing data in SQL
    • Other expressions
    • Other schema objects
    • Table operations
    • Comparison or theta operators
    • Valued predicates
    • Like and similar predicates
    • Between and overlaps predicates
    • The (NOT) IN predicate
    • EXISTS () predicate
    • Quantified subquery predicate
    • The SELECT statement
    • Partitioning data
    • Grouping operations
    • Aggregate functions
    • Auxiliary tables
    • Statistics in SQL
    • Regions, Runs and sequences
    • Array structures in SQL
    • Set operations
    • Subsets
    • Adjacency list odel of trees in SQL
    • Nested st model of trees in SQL
    • Graphs in SQL
    • Optimizing code.


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Joe Celko is a noted consultant, lecturer, writer, and teacher whose column in DBMS Magazine (now Intelligent Enterprise) has won several Reader's Choice Awards. He is well-known for his ten years of service on the ANSI SQL standards committee, his dependable help on the DBMS CompuServe Forum, and the war stories lie tells to provide insights into the real world of SQL programming.

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