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David Sceppa - .
Create data access applications faster and with simpler code using this expert guide to " Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects " (ADO). " PROGRAMMING ADO "... Lire la suite
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Create data access applications faster and with simpler code using this expert guide to " Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects " (ADO). " PROGRAMMING ADO " delivers practical problem-solving guidance for exploiting the Universal Data Access in ADO-helping you understand what goes on under the hood so you don't code yourself into a corner. To begin, the author deftly guides you through the ADO object model-sharing his expertise as a Microsoft developer support professional on the properties, methods, and events that most commonly challenge the ADO programmer. You'll learn how to use the ADO Cursor Engine to expedite development and how to work effectively within its limitations. Then you'll focus on building your proficiency with ADO programming techniques, including ways to : Master the use of Connection, Command, and Record set objects-and the new Record and Stream objects in ADO 2*5 to programmatically access data in traditional stores and in Internet applications. Examine techniques for updating data bases-understanding the pros and cons for development time, execution time, flexibility, and control. Learn how choosing specific cursor types will affect the performance and scalability of " Microsoft SQL Server ", " Microsoft Access ", " Oracle ", and other databases. Use the powerful RAD libraries of the ADO Cursor Engine to create data base-independent code that's easier to update and maintain. Utilize ADO features to better manage transactions in multi-user applications and detect and resolve conflicts. Let COM do the dirty work of handling interprocess communication between objects. Use Remote Data Service to extend your database applications to the Web. Each chapter comes packed with code examples-plus "Questions That Should Be Asked More Frequently" to help build your comprehension of how ADO objects behave and how to optimize their usage. Whether you're developing a basic client/server application or a high-stress Web-based solution, " PROGRAMMING ADO " delivers the expert coaching and in-depth information you need to create solid data-access applications faster !


    • Introduction
    • A brief overview of the ADO object model
    • The ADO connection object
    • The ADO recordset and field objects
    • The ADO command and parameter objects
    • The ADO record and stream objects
    • Cursors, foiled again
    • Updating your database
    • ADO cursor engine overview
    • How the ADO cursor engine updates your database
    • Update resync
    • Detecting and handling conflicts
    • Persisting your recordset
    • Hierarchical recordsets
    • Passing your recordset out of process
    • Remote data service.


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As a Microsoft Visual Basic database support professional, David Sceppa works every day advising customers on how to use ADO and Visual Basic to build database applications. He's also developed training on ADO for his support team peers. and served as technical reviewer for ADO coverage in several Microsoft programming books.

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