Professional PHP 4 Multimedia Programming


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Professional PHP4 Multimedia Programming covers a broad range of information relating to some of the most popular PHP4 extension libraries, specifically... Lire la suite
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Professional PHP4 Multimedia Programming covers a broad range of information relating to some of the most popular PHP4 extension libraries, specifically those that can be used to create, modify, or deliver multimedia content. The book is split into three parts - the extensions, the case studies, and the function reference - that way developers looking for descriptions without large amounts of code can read the beginning, those looking to just read case studies have a definite place to start, and those who want to keep it by their side for reference know exactly where to go. Who is this book for? The target audience for this book generally falls into three categories. Firstly, this book provides a rare source of information for intermediate to expert PHP developers who are looking to extend their knowledge further and want detailed information about every aspect of the library. Secondly, this book can be used as the first port of call for PHP developers wanting immediate knowledge of a specific extension library and its use in the real world. Lastly, we also believe that this book will be of interest to those researching the capabilities of PHP when weighing up server-side languages for a potential project. What does this book cover? * A PHP refresher with coverage of object-oriented PHP concepts * Installing the PHP extension libraries covered in the book * Adding dynamicity and interactivity to Flash movies with Ming and ActionScript * Manipulating images with GD * Creating images with ImageMagick * Creating PDFs with PDFLib and sending data to and from PDF forms using FDF * Creating a Headline Grabber using Ming with ActionScript * Creating a Coffee Shop Finder that automatically generates images optimized for PDA and WAP sites using GD functions and the HAWHAW PHP class * Designing a fully-functional Image Gallery using the ImageMagick class library * Creating a general-purpose PDF Template System using PDFLib


    • PHP Multimedia Installation
    • PHP Refresher
    • Ming Fundamentals
    • Ming with ActionScript
    • Manipulating Images with GD
    • ImageMagick
    • PDFs with PDFlib
    • FDF - Sending Data To and From PDF Forms
    • Case Study - Ming Headline Grabber
    • Case Study - Using GD on WAP Sites and PDA
    • Case Study - Image Gallery
    • Case Study : PDF Template System


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