Professional Java Server Programming. J2EE 1.3 Edition


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The release of the 1.3 version of the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) represents the evolution of Sun Microsystems' server-side development... Lire la suite
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The release of the 1.3 version of the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) represents the evolution of Sun Microsystems' server-side development platform into a more mature and sophisticated specification. Servlets 2.3 gain events and filtering; JavaServer Pages (JSP) 1.2 gain a new XML syntax and enhancements to the custom tag mechanisms; and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 2.0 has some significant changes to its container-managed persistence model, as well as support for asynchronous processing with the new message-driven beans. This book demonstrates how to design and construct secure and scalable n-tier J2EE applications, using JSP and servlets for the web tier and EJBs for the business logic. It also covers J2EE Connector Architecture that allows you to easily integrate your J2EE applications to enterprise information systems. Who is this book for? This book is for professional Java developers who want to employ Java as the platform for their distributed, enterprise applications. It provides a comprehensive guide to the J2EE APIs implemented by J2EE-licensed application servers. No knowledge of J2EE technologies is assumed, and developers already familiar with the 1.2 release of J2EE may not find the material sufficiently advanced for their purposes. What does this book cover? The J2EE container architecture and runtime services; Web component development with Servlets 2.3 and JavaServer Pages 1.2; Business logic components with EJB 2.0, including container-managed persistence, EJB QL, and message-driven beans; Underlying J2EE technologies for distributed development - RMI, JDBC and JNDI; Introduction to Web Services covering SOAP SwA, WSDL, and UDDI.


    • The J2EE Platform
    • Directory Services and JNDI
    • Distributed Computing Using RMI
    • Database Programming with JDBC
    • Introduction to Web Containers
    • Servlet Programming
    • Servlet Sessions, Context, and Collaboration
    • Filters for Web Applications
    • Web Deployment, Authentication, and Packaging
    • JSP Basics and Architecture
    • JSP Tag Extensions
    • Writing JSP Applications with Tag Libraries
    • JavaMail EJB Architecture and Design
    • Session Beans and Business Logic
    • Entity Beans and Persistence
    • EJB Container Services
    • Development and Deployment Roles
    • JMS and Message-Driven Beans
    • The J2EE Connector Architecture
    • Design Considerations for J2EE Applications
    • J2EE and Web Services
    • Choosing a J2EE Implementation
    • J2EE Packaging and Deployment


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