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Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) bas been the driving force behind application and information system development of the last few years. The lava... Lire la suite
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Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) bas been the driving force behind application and information system development of the last few years. The lava 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) provides an ideal environment in which to integrate different domains, architectures, and technologies to create available, scalable, and secure enterprise information systems. This book presents a methodology and process to create an integrated information infrastructure based on the J2EE platform, using technologies such as XML, EJB, JMS, CORBA, RMI-IIOP and the J2EE Connector Architecture. This infrastructure provides an architecture that facilitates integration at the data, component, and application levels. Through the use o component wrappers and virtual components, existing applications can be replaced and new developments seamlessly integrated. This book takes you through the various stages in the integration process, from design and analysis, through integration of data, via integration of components and applications, to the integration of the user interface. At each stage the book discusses the relevant Java technologies that enable a common integration platform and how to employ them to this purpose. Who is this book for ? This book is for J2EE developers who need to learn how to create an integrated information system. The book presents an integration architecture and process from first principles, but familiarity with the J2EE technologies is preferable. What does this book over ? An integration process for evaluating existing systems and coordinating the EAI effort; Using J2EE as the base platform for EAI; Integration of data using XML, JDBC, and JMS; Integration of applications using CORBA, RMI-IIOP FJB, and JCA; Integration of user interfaces using XML, servlets, and JSP; Integration of transaction and security systems; B2B integration with web service.


    • Integrating the Enterprise
    • Choices and Strategies
    • The J2EE Platform for EAI
    • The Integration Process
    • Integration Through Data
    • Using XML for Data Exchange
    • Transforming XML for Data Integration
    • Message Brokers and Enterprise Messaging in EAI
    • Business-level integration
    • Reusing Existing Applications with CORBA
    • RMI-IIOP for CORBA Integration
    • EJBs for Integration
    • The J2EE Connector Architecture
    • COM Bridges for Windows Integration
    • Transaction Management in EAI
    • Security Management in EAI
    • Presentation Integration
    • Web Services for B2B Integration


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