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Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) are a container-based component architecture that allow you to easily create secure, scalable and transactional enterprise... Lire la suite
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Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) are a container-based component architecture that allow you to easily create secure, scalable and transactional enterprise applications. Developed as session beans, entity beans, or message-driven beans, EJBs are the critical business objects in any J2EE application. Professional EJB shows how to develop and deploy EJB applications using both the 1.1 and the new 2.0 specification. The addition of container-provided services, such as container-managed persistence, and security and transaction management, are covered in detail. As well as implementation details, the book also provides a number of strategies and patterns that can be applied when designing your EJB applications. Subsequently, it also suggests steps for taking existing EJBs and improving their performance. Finally, the book recognizes that one of the most difficult areas of EJB development is the deployment process. Thus it demonstrates how to deploy your EJB applications to some of the leading EJB containers including, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere and Sybase EAServer. Who is this book for? Professional EJB is for professional Java developers who wish to build secure, scalable and transactional components. No knowledge of EJB is required, but a good knowledge of the Java programming language, and some familiarity with its server side aspects would be an advantage. What does this book cover? The fundamentals of EJB development, including session beans, entity beans (BMP and CMP), and message-driven beans; EJB services such as resource management, transactions, and security; designing EJB applications using patterns, strategies, and UML; improving EJB design through testing and performance; integrating EJBs with J2EE, COM, and CORBA; deployment instructions for leading application servers.


    • The Enterprise JavaBeans Architecture
    • EJB Development
    • Developing Session Beans
    • Developing EJB 1,1 Entity Beans
    • The EJB 2,0 Entity Model
    • Developing EJB 2,0 CMP Entity Beans
    • Asynchronous EJBs
    • Resource Management and the EJB Environment
    • Transactions and EJB
    • Security in EJB
    • EJB Design Strategies
    • Common EJB Design Patterns
    • UML Modeling and EJBs
    • Testing Enterprise JavaBeans
    • EJB Performance and Scalability
    • Advanced Bean-Managed Persistence
    • The EJB Container
    • J2EE Applications
    • COM-Based EJB Clients
    • Integrating EJBs and CORBA
    • Wireless EJB Clients
    • EJBs as Web Services


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