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Microsoft's Active Server Pages technology is still a relatively new way to create dynamic Web sites and Web-based distributed applications. During its... Lire la suite
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Microsoft's Active Server Pages technology is still a relatively new way to create dynamic Web sites and Web-based distributed applications. During its short life span, however, it has evolved to become the foremost tool in the Windows-oriented Web programmer's toolbox. The latest version, ASP.NET, is a major breakthrough for developers, giving more functionality and flexibility than ever before, while enabling them to write less code. ASP.NET isn't just a point upgrade, but is an evolutionary leap in the whole concept of dynamic Web applications. This comprehensive compendium combines plenty of practical code examples and a comprehensive case study with the information you need to master ASP.NET and build dynamic, successful, enterprise Web applications. Who is this book for? If you're currently developing with ASP 2.0 or 3.0, and are considering the implications of the .NET Framework, then this book is for you. It is aimed at experienced ASP developers who are working at the leading edge, rather than the casual ASP developer or beginner. Anyone with programming experience in virtually any language can create .NET applications, thanks to its Common Language Runtime, but experience of VB or C-based syntax (C++, Java, or C#) would be beneficial in understanding this book. What does this book cover? : ASP.NET and the .NET Framework; creating ASP.NET pages and working with server controls; data in ASP.NET and an introduction to ADO.NET; ASP.NET class libraries; configuration and deployment; XML as an integral part of data manipulation; Using Web Services to provide asynchronous background services to applications; migration issues.


    • A fast-track guide to ASP.NET
    • Understanding the .NET Framework
    • The .NET Languages
    • Writing ASP.NET pages
    • Server controls and validation
    • ASP.NET web form controls
    • List controls and data binding
    • Introducing .NET data management
    • Working with relational data
    • Updating relational data sources
    • XML data management in .NET
    • Web applications and global.asax
    • Configuration
    • Securing ASP.NET applications
    • Working with collections and Lists
    • Working with other base classes
    • .NET components
    • Building ASP.NET server controls
    • Exposing web services
    • Using web services
    • Mobile controls
    • Debugging, tracing, and error handling
    • Migration and interoperability.Case Study - IBuyAdventure.NET


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