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We've been tracking the progress of ASP since the very beginning, when it promised to be the best way to relieve CGI pain. Our "Professional Active Server... > Lire la suite
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We've been tracking the progress of ASP since the very beginning, when it promised to be the best way to relieve CGI pain. Our "Professional Active Server Pages..." books have become the industry bible on the subject and helped build thousands of Web developer's careers. This book will explain all the traditional usages of classic ASP in the real, practical world of site building but it also provide, a briefing on all the new tools, services and challenges of the Windows 2000 environment. You will understand how ASP 3.0 embraces COM+, how to componentize your thoughts, how to operate safe transactions and how the message queue can help you remain dynamic. You will get the traditional expert briefings in the new ADO 2.5 facilities and all flavors of data connectivity and you'll also learn how to utilize the new network pathways revealed in Active Directory and ADSI. As usual, we've packed this latest edition with all the regular code and guidelines you need to get a site operative but we've also opened the doors to a whole new world of scalable and flexible COM+ services. This is your comprehensive guide to Active Server Pages 3.0 and the foundation for a whole new phase of Web development. Who is this book for? You should bc familiar with present day Web terminology and fundamentals and have a working knowledge of VBScript or JScript. You will need Windows 2000 with a fully installed Internet Information Server 5.0. What does this book cover? • The changes in ASP 3.0, VBScript 5.0 and Jscript 5.0 • Fundamentals of application development with ASP • Data access from ASP, using ADO 2.5, OLE DB, XML, and RDS • Developing ASP components using VB, VC++ and scripting languages • The new component services provided by COM+ • Adding Messaging and Transactional support to your pages and components • Using ADSI to access the Active Directory • Adding Email support through CDO • Improving the performance of your pages and Web server • Securing your server and applications locally and globally • Building Web farms • Online support available at
    • ASP Fundamentals
    • Handling Requests and Responses
    • ASP Applications and Sessions
    • Server Processes and the ASP Server Object
    • The Scripting Run-time Library Objects
    • Active Server Components
    • Debugging and Error Handling
    • ADO 2,5 Basics
    • Connections, Commands and Procedures
    • ASP and Data on the Client
    • Working with XML Data
    • Universal Data Access
    • Components and Web Application Architecture.COM, COM+ and ASP
    • COM+ Applications
    • ASP Script Components
    • Building ASP Components in C++
    • More C++ Component Issues
    • ASP and Transacted Web Applications
    • ASP and Message Queue Server
    • Introducing ADSI and Active Directory
    • ASP and Collaboration Data Objects for NT Server
    • ASP, CDO and Exchange Server
    • Securing Your Server
    • Working With Certificates
    • Optimizing ASP Performance
    • Building Multiple Server Web Sites
  • Date de parution : 14/12/1999
  • Editeur : Wrox Press
  • Collection : programmer to programmer
  • ISBN : 1-86100-261-0
  • EAN : 9781861002617
  • Présentation : Broché
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Richard Anderson is an established software developer who bas worked with Microsoft technologies for nearly 10 years. He works for a small yet globally known software house in Peterborough (England), where he currently holds the position of "Research and Development Manager". What that means is that he plays with lots of great new technologies, and then tells people how they work, ensuring they are correctly understood and adopted correctly and successfully in new applications. He also writes applications too, and is responsible for mentoring and managing C++ and VB developers. Richard can be contacted via his private email account Chris Blexrud, MCSD, is a consultant for Born Information Services, Inc. (, a Microsoft Solution Provider. Chris's main areas of expertise are in Microsoft technologies such as ASP, VB, COM/DCOM, MTS, COM+, and various BackOffice products. When Chris is not developing business solutions, he enjoys snowmobiling and hunting in northern Minnesota and spending time with family and friends. Chris can be reached at Andrea Chiarelli is an independent consultant with experience in software design and training. He holds a degree in Computer Science and a Master in Software Engineering, works for software companies and training centers in Tuscany (Italy) and is a regular contributor to Computer Programming, an Italian programming magazine. His experience spans from database design to multimedia software developing. In recent years he's specialized in designing Internet and Intranet systems developing Web-based applications and interfacing databases to the Web primarily using Active Server Pages technology. Daniel Denault is a developer and network administrator developing Internet applications and doing high security network configuration designs and installations in the behavioral healthcare industry. Dan Denault is also an independent consultant. These applications are developed using the following technologies Customized ActiveX controls, ActiveX DLL's, Active Server Pages, Word and Excel OLE automation, JavaScript, VBScript, DHTML, IIS, and SQL Server 7.0. Daniel Denault can be contacted at admin@csopgh. com. Dino Esposito is a free-lance consultant based in Rome, Italy. He specializes in scripting and COM development and worked for Andersen Consulting focusing on development of Web-based applications. He loves writing and is a contributing editor to Microsoft Internet Developer for which runs the Cutting Edge column. He regularly contributes also to Microsoft Systems Journal, MSDN News, Windows Developer's journal. Get in touch with Dino at Brian Francis is the Technical Evangelist for NCR's Retail Self Service Solutions. From his office in Duluth, Georgia, Brian is responsible for enlightening NCR and their customers in the technologies and tools used for Self Service Applications. Brian also uses the tools he evangelizes in developing solutions for NCR's customers. He bas worked extensively with Wrox Press as a technical reviewer and has also co-authored on a number of projects. Matthew Gibbs is a Microsoft IIS team member, specializing in the IIS and ASP help desk. Matthew regularly talks on all of the IIS 'gotchas' and work-arounds. Alex Homer came to writing computer books through an unusual route, including tractor driver, warehouse manager, garden products buyer, glue sales specialist, and double-glazing salesman. With this wide-ranging commercial and practical background, and a love of anything that could be taken to pieces, computers were a natural progression. Now, when not writing books for Wrox, he spends his spare time sticking together bits of code for his wife's software company (Stonebroom Software or just looking out of the window at the delightfully idyllic and rural surroundings of the Peak District in Derbyshire, England. Bill Kropog is a full-time consultant for a Web and software development firm in New Orleans, Louisiana. Bill specializes in finding new and creative ways to display and manipulate data with Active Server Pages. He uses Visual InterDev 6.0 for most of what he develops, with frequent hops into Visual Basic 6.0. He also creates most of the graphics he uses in his projects (Corel Xara 2.0 and Adobe PhotoShop 5.0), making him a well-rounded developer. XML is the latest thing on Bill's plate, and, being a former journalist, he'd like to develop XML-based standards for online publications to make it easier to share news and to bring ordinary journalists into the online world. Craig McQueen is a Principal Consultant at Sage Information Consultants, Inc. His role at Sage is to guide clients in their adoption of Internet technologies into their existing business. Recently, he led an e-commerce implementation of Site Server at a major consumer electronics company. Previous to consulting, Craig led the development of two small retail Internet products: InContext WebAnalyzer and InContent FlashSite. Craig has a Master of Science degree from the University of Toronto where he specialized in Human-Computer Interaction. George V. Reilly bas been a member of the IIS/ASP development team since shortly before ASP 1.0 shipped at the end of 1996. Nowadays he is responsible for IIS performance. He has been doing his best to write tight code since he discovered the BBC Micro in his native Dublin, Ireland in 1982. In retrospect, he has a hard time believing that he found enough time to co-write "Beginning ATL COM Programming", Wrox Press, 1998. Simon Robinson lives in Lancaster, UK, where he shares a house with some students. He first encountered serious programming when doing his PhD in physics. He would program in FORTRAN when his supervisor was watching (physics lecturers like FORTRAN) and C when he wasn't. The experience of programming was enough to put him off computers for life, and he tried to pursue a career as a sports massage therapist instead until he realized how much money was in programming and wasn't in sports massage. He then spent a year writing some very good cardiac risk assessment software but he and his business partner never got round to selling it to anyone. Finally, driven by a strange lack of money, he looked for a-whisper the word quietly-job. Which somehow ended up-after a year of his working for Lucent Technologies in Welwyn Garden City-leading to him writing books about computers. You can visit Simon's web site at John Schenken is currently Software Test Lead on the Visual Basic Server Enterprise Team for Microsoft. He was previously Test Lead for the Microsoft Script Debugger that shipped with Windows NT Option pack and is still responsible for it in Windows 2000. He has a computer science degree from Texas A & M university. He has programming experience involving MSMQ, SMTP, NT Event Log, NT Perf Counters, ASP, business objects and ADO (basically wide experience writing end-to-end web applications involving business objects). Dean Sonderegger is responsible for the technology and development of products at Ultraprise Corporation based in Sterling, Virginia. He's worked with Active Server Pages since its inception and specializes in internet-based commercial application development. The majority of his spare time is spent chasing his two sons Crawford and Jordan, or with his lovely wife Karen. David Sussman has spent most of his professional life as a developer, starting with Unix and C, in the days when the Internet was only used for Usenet newsgroups. He then switched to Microsoft development languages, and spent several years moaning about the lack of pointers in Visual Basic. Like Alex, he lives in a quiet, rural village, this time in Oxfordshire. He spends his spare time convincing himself that he'll get off his backside and get fit. He never does.

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