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Robert-C Martin

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For over ten years C++ Report has been the preeminent C++ magazine, providing a forum for professional developers to share their experiences and insights. Picking up where the original C++ Gems left off, editor-in-chief, Robert C. Martin has compiled this authoritative compendium of both timeless and timely articles from C++ Report. This book offers practical guidance from some of the best minds in the industry on a wide variety of C++ subjects. Areas of coverage include: The new ISO standard; Patterns; C++ and Java comparisons and interoperability; In-depth software design guidance; Relational databases, containers, operators, exceptions, inheritance, and more. This handy reference is the ultimate collection of articles on all aspects of C++ development and a must-have for the serious programmer. Contributors include Stanley Lippman, John Vlissides, James O. Coplien, Douglas C. Schmidt, Cay Horstmann, and other C++ gurus.
    • Finite State Machines: A Model of Behavior for C++
    • Abstract Classes and Pure Virtual Functions
    • Memory Management and Smart Pointers
    • Pointers vs References
    • Much Ado about Null
    • Setting the Stage
    • Perspectives from the "Gang of Four"
    • The Open-Closed Principle
    • Large-Scale C++ Software Design
    • Taskmaster: An Architecture Pattern for GUI Applications
    • Monostate Classes: The Power of One
    • Applying the ABC Metric to C, C++, and Java
    • Patterns for Mapping OO Applications to Relational Databases
    • Designing Exception-Safe Generic Containers
    • The Anatomy of the Assignment Operator
    • Thread-Specific Storage for C/C++
    • Making the World Safe for Exceptions
    • What's in a Class?
    • Pimples - Beauty Marks You Can Depend On
    • External Polymorphism
    • A Technique for Safe Deletion with Object Locking
    • GPERF: A Perfect Hash Function Generator
    • Uses and Abuses of Inheritance
    • Review: The BOOSE Programming Language

Biographie de Robert-C Martin

Robert C. Martin has been the editor-in-chief of C++ Report for the past three years. He is an international consultant and president of Object Mentor, Inc., specializing in object-oriented development and C++. He is the author of Designing Object-Oriented C++ Applications Using the Booch Method (Prentice Hall, 1995).
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50,20 €
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