Managing Reference Data in Enterprise Databases. Binding Corporate Data to the Wider World (Relié)

Malcolm Chisholm

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Reference data plays a key role in your business databases and must be free from defects of any kind. So why is it so hard to find information on this critical topic? Recognizing the dangers of taking reference data for granted, Managing Reference Data in Enterprise Databases gives you precisely what you've been seeking: A complete guide to the implementation and management of reference data of all kinds. This book begins with a thorough definition of reference data, then proceeds with a detailed examination of all reference data issues, fully describing uses, common difficulties, and practical solutions. Whether you're a database manager, architect, administrator, programmer, or analyst, be sure to keep this easy-to-use reference close at hand. Solves special challenges associated with maintaining reference data. Addresses a wide range of reference data issues, including acronyms, redundancy, mapping, life cycles, multiple languages, and querying. Describes how reference data interacts with other system components, what problems can arise, and how to mitigate these problems. Offers examples of standard reference data types and matrices for evaluating management methods. Provides a number of standard reference data tables and more specialized material to help you deal with reference data, via a companion Web site.
    • What Is Reference Data?
    • A Few Database Design Concepts
    • The Diversity of Reference Data
    • Characteristics of Reference Data
    • Assigning Values to Codes
    • Relationships within Reference Data
    • Redundancy of Reference Data
    • The Reference Data Life Cycle
    • Monitoring the Usage of Reference Data
    • Mapping Reference Data
    • Understanding the Content of Reference Data
    • Programming and Reference Data
    • Implementing Reference Data in a Database
    • Populating Reference Data Tables
    • External Sources of Reference Data
    • Multilingual Issues
    • How Is Reference data Different from Other Data
    • Using Reference Data for Queries
    • Implementing the Management of Reference Data
  • Date de parution : 14/04/2001
  • Editeur : Morgan Kaufmann
  • Collection : data management system
  • ISBN : 1-55860-697-1
  • EAN : 9781558606975
  • Présentation : Relié
  • Nb. de pages : 388 pages
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  • Dimensions : 19,5 cm × 24,5 cm × 2,5 cm

Biographie de Malcolm Chisholm

Malcolm Chisholm has over 20 years of experience in information technology in Britain, the United States, and on assignment in a number of developing countries. He has worked in a variety of enterprises in manufacturing, insurance, banking, accounting and the public sector. Most of this time has been spent in systems development and data administration, and in recent years he has worked with a number of major organizations including the United Nations Development Programme and Deloitte and Touche. A particular focus of his work has been to extract metadata from data models and use it to automate the generation of systems components. Dr. Chisholm holds an M.A. degree from the University of Oxford, England, and a Ph.D. from the University of Bristol, England, both in zoology. In addition to his IT work, he assists his wife in running their coffee plantation in Central America. Dr. Chisholm can be contacted at

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Managing Reference Data in Enterprise Databases. Binding Corporate...
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