Linux system security. An administrator's guide to open source security tools, 2nd edition

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Ellen-L Mitchell et Scott Mann - .
Now, there's an up-to-the-minute, hands-on guide to using open source tools to protect any Linux system! Completely updated for the newest tools and distributions,... Lire la suite
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Now, there's an up-to-the-minute, hands-on guide to using open source tools to protect any Linux system! Completely updated for the newest tools and distributions, Linux System Security, Second Edition covers virtually every facet of Linux Security, from firewalls and intrusion detection to authentication and secure Web services. You'll master over a dozen crucial open source Security tools, including sudo, portmap, xinetd, Tiger, tripwire, ipchains, pam, crack, and more. Along the way, three long-time Linux sysadmins will show you the "gotchas," rules of thumb, and undocumented tricks it would take you years to learn on your own! • Preparing Linux systems for a production environment • Using Bastille to lock clown Linux systems without unnecessarily compromising their functionality • Combatting Trojan horses, backdoors, password cracking, buffer overflows, spoofing, DoS, and more • OpenSSH: eliminating eavesdropping, connection hijacking, and other network-level attacks • Detecting intrusions with network sniffers and port scanners • Protecting mixed Linux/UNIX environments • Understanding Security policies • Firewalls, email, Web services, filesystems, applications, and much more Want the benefits of Linux without the Security risks? Get Linux System Security, Second Edition!


    • Vulnerability survey
    • Security policies
    • Background information
    • Users, permissions, and filesystems
    • Pluggable authentication modules
    • One-time passwords
    • System accounting
    • System logging
    • Superuser do (sudo)
    • Securing network services: xinetd
    • The secure shell
    • Crack
    • Auditing your system with Bastille
    • Tripwire
    • Ipchains
    • Iptables
    • Scanners, sniffers, and detectors
    • Log file management
    • Implementing and managing security


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SCOTT MANN is a Linux software engineer at LeftHand Networks in Colorado. He has previously specialized in Linux and UNIX systems for both SGI and Sun Microsystems. His previous Prentice Hall PTR books include Linux TCP/IP Network Administration. ELLEN L. MITCHELL is a Security analyst at Texas A&M University, responsible for campus network Security, development, and administration. She currently maintains the Tiger UNIX Security package. MITCHELL KRELL, Ph.D., is a former university professor turned consultant. He currently travels around the country teaching classes and consulting for various government agencies on a variety of topics, including Linux, IRIX, system administration, networking, Web development, and computer Security.

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