Learning Unix for Mac OS X (Broché)

Jerry Peek, Dave Taylor

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  • Paru le : 01/01/2002
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Now that your favorite operating system, Mac OS X, has Unix under the hood, it's the perfect time for you to uncover its capabilities. Learning Unix for Mac OS X is designed to teach Unix basics to traditional Macintosh users. This book tells you what to do when you're faced with that empty command line. Learn how to: • Launch and configure the Terminal application • Customize your shell environment • Manage files and directories • Successfully print from the Unix command line • Edit and create files with the vi editor • Perform remote logins • Access Internet functions • Understand pipes and filters • Use background processing • Send and receive mail As you're learning these concepts, you'll find all the common commands simply explained with accompanying examples, exercises, and opportunities for experimentation.
You might just find yourself turning to the Terminal application for greater efficiency on a particular task, then immediately switching to the graphical interface when you need to utilize its advantages. And with Mac OS X, you can have the best of both worlds.
  • Date de parution : 01/01/2002
  • Editeur : O'Reilly
  • ISBN : 0-596-00342-0
  • EAN : 9780596003425
  • Présentation : Broché
  • Nb. de pages : 140 pages
  • Poids : 0.24 Kg
  • Dimensions : 15,0 cm × 23,0 cm × 1,0 cm
Jerry Peek et Dave Taylor - .
Learning Unix for Mac OS X
Jerry Peek, ...
22,00 €
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