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Jython is an implementation of the Python programming language written in 100% pure Java, so it runs under any compliant Java Virtual Machine. The secret... > Lire la suite
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Jython is an implementation of the Python programming language written in 100% pure Java, so it runs under any compliant Java Virtual Machine. The secret to Jython's popularity lies in the combination of Java's libraries and tools, with Python's rapid development capabilities. With Jython, you can write Python programs that integrate seamlessly with any Java code. And like Python, Jython can be used interactively, so you can get immediate results as you are programming.
Jython Essentials provides a solid introduction to the Python language, offering a brief but thorough tour of the Python concepts you'll need to understand to use Jython effectively. The book makes frequent comparisons between Python and Java, with special emphasis on the different object-oriented semantics of the two languages, so Java programmers can quickly get up to speed with Jython. Jython Essentials also covers the various ways in which Jython and Java can interact.
For example, Jython code can create instances of preexisting Java classes and call methods in those instances. You can write Jython classes that are direct subclasses of existing Java classes and use introspection to discern the capabilities of JavaBeans components. This book provides examples of how to use Jython with existing Java libraries, including the Swing GUI toolkit, the JDBC database API, the Servlet API, and various XML tools.
And finally, the book shows how Jython can be used as a scripting language within a Java program. With Jython Essentials, you have everything you need to start creating applications that mix the best of Python's interactivity and Java's robust libraries.
    • Introduction to Jython
    • Jython basics
    • Jython control flow
    • Modules and functions
    • Object-oriented Jython
    • Using Java from Jython
    • Inheriting from Java
    • Reflection and JavaBeans
    • Using Swing
    • Using Java library
    • Embedding Jython inside Java
    • Compiling Jython
  • Date de parution : 01/03/2002
  • Editeur : O'Reilly
  • ISBN : 0-596-00247-5
  • EAN : 9780596002473
  • Présentation : Broché
  • Nb. de pages : 277 pages
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Samuele Pedroni is one of the main Jython developers; he has developed several important patches related to Java integration, class loaders, and Java / Python import rules. Noel Rappin has extensive production experience in both Java and Python. The book includes a foreword by Jim Hugunin, Jython's creator.
Noel Rappin et Samuele Pedroni - .
Jython Essentials
28,00 €
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