Java Network Programming (Broché)

3rd edition

Elliotte-Rusty Harold

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Java Network Programming, Third Edition, brings you up-to-date with the latest features of Java's network APIS. This book discusses all the changes and additions to networking in JDK 1.4 and 1.5 (now christened J2SE 5). It covers everything from networking fundamentals to remote method invocation (RMI), including chapters on TCP and UDP sockets, server sockets, URLs and URIs, multicasting, and special-purpose APIS such as JavaMail.
This book shows you how to use JSSE to write secure networking applications and explains how to use the NIO APIs to write ultra high-performance servers. And it covers Java's support for network proxies, web cookies, and URL caching. Java Network Programming doesn't just explain the APIS: it shows you how to put them to work. This book is full of examples; it contains thousands of lines of working code (all of which are available online), implementing fully functional network clients and servers.
Whether you want to write a special-purpose web server, a secure online order taker, a simple multicast agent, or even an email client, you'll find code that you can learn from and borrow. Whether you're an experienced network developer, a new Java programmer, or someone who just wants to see what's possible, you'll find that Java Network Programming, Third Edition is an important part of your library.
Once you've started using the Java Networking APIs, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
    • Why Networked Java?
    • Basic Network concepts
    • Basic web concepts
    • Streams
    • Threads
    • Looking up internet addresses
    • URLs and URIs
    • HTML in swing
    • Sockets for clients
    • Sockets for servers
    • Secure sockets
    • Non-blocking I/O
    • UDP datagrams and sockets
    • Multicast sockets
    • URLConnections
    • Protocol handlers
    • Content handlers
    • Remote method invocation
    • The JavaMail API
  • Date de parution : 01/10/2004
  • Editeur : O'Reilly
  • ISBN : 0-596-00721-3
  • EAN : 9780596007218
  • Présentation : Broché
  • Nb. de pages : 736 pages
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Biographie d'Elliotte-Rusty Harold

Elliotte Rusty Harold is the author of Cafe au Lait, an important online resource for Java-related news. He is the developer of the XOM API, and the author of Java I/O, XML in a Nutshell, and many other books on Java and XML topics.
Elliotte-Rusty Harold - Java Network Programming.
Java Network Programming 3rd edition
36,00 €
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