Java and XML (Broché)

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The XML buzz has dominated talk among Internet developers for some time now. But how do you cut through all the hype about XML and put it to work ? Java... > Lire la suite
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The XML buzz has dominated talk among Internet developers for some time now. But how do you cut through all the hype about XML and put it to work ? Java and XUL shows you how to build real-world applications with XML in which both the code and the data are truly portable. Java revolutionized the programming world by providing a platform-independent programming language. XML takes the revolution a step further by providing a platform-independent language for interchanging data. " Java and XML " share many features that are ideal for building web-based enterprise applications, such as platform independence, extensibility, reusability, and global language (Unicode) support. " Java and XML " shows you how to put the two together to build rich web sites with dynamically generated content, to write enterprise software that lowers the cost of information sharing and data exchange, and to develop simple and effective solutions to other problems requiring portable data. This book covers the basics of XML. Using the SAX and DOM APIs to parse XML. Designing new document types using DTDs and XML Schema. Writing programs that generate XML data. Transforming XML into different forms using XSL/T. Developing applications with XML-RPC. Using web publishing frameworks like Apache Cocoon. Using XML as a configuration language. Building business-to-business applications with XML. Building information channels with RSS and dynamic content with XSP. Java and XUL is the first book to cover the most recent version of the DOM specification (DOM Level 2) and the SAX API (SAX 2*0). It's also the first book to cover JDOM, a new API that makes it easier for Java applications to manipulate XML. If you are developing with XML, or think you will be in the future-if you're involved in any aspect of web publishing-or if you're developing software for electronic commerce, " Java and XML " will be an indispensable companion. Includes a quick reference to SAX 2*0, DOM Level 2, and JDOM 1*0.
    • Creating XML
    • Parsing XML
    • Constraining XML
    • Validating XML
    • Transforming XML
  • JDOM
    • Web publishing frameworks
    • XML for configurations
    • Creating XML WITH Java
    • Business-to-Business
    • XML schema.
  • Date de parution : 01/06/2000
  • Editeur : O'Reilly
  • ISBN : 0-596-00016-2
  • EAN : 9780596000165
  • Présentation : Broché
  • Nb. de pages : 479 pages
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Java and XML
53,00 €
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