IP Quality of Service (Relié)

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Quality of service (QoS) technologies provide networks with greater reliability in delivering applications, as well as control over access, delay, loss,... > Lire la suite
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Quality of service (QoS) technologies provide networks with greater reliability in delivering applications, as well as control over access, delay, loss, content quality, and bandwidth. IP QoS functions are indispensable in today's scalable IP network designs, which are intended to deliver guaranteed and differentiated Internet services by giving control of the network resources and usage to the network operator. Network planners, designers, and engineers need to have a thorough understanding of QoS concepts and features to enable their networks to run at maximum efficiency and to deliver the new generation of time-critical multimedia and voice applications. IP Quality of Service serves as an essential resource and design guide for anyone planning to deploy QoS services in Cisco networks. Author Srinivas Vegesna provides complete coverage of Cisco IP QoS features and functions, complete with case studies and configuration examples. The emphasis is on real-world application - going beyond conceptual explanations to teach actual deployment. IP Quality of Service is written for internetworking professionals who are responsible for designing and maintaining IP services for corporate intranets and for service provider network infrastructures. If you are a network engineer, architect, manager, planner, or operator who bas a rudimentary knowledge of QoS technologies, this book will provide you with practical insights on what you need to consider to design and implement varying degrees of QoS in the network. Because incorporating some measure of QoS is an integral part of any network design process, IP Quality of Service applies to all IP networks - corporate intranets, service provider networks, and the Internet.
  • IP QOS 3
    • Introducing IP Quality of Service
    • Differentiated Services Architecture
    • Network Boundary Traffic Conditioners: Packet Classifier, Marker, and Traffic Rate Management
    • Per-Hop Behavior: Resource Allocation 1. Per-Hop Behavior: Resource Allocation 2
    • Per-Hop Behavior: Congestion Avoidance and Packet Drop Policy
    • Integrated Services: RSVP
    • Layer 2 QoS: Interworking with IP QoS
    • QoS in MPLS-Based Networks
    • MPLS Traffic Engineering.

Biographie de Srinivas Vegesna

Srinivas Vegesna, CCIE #1399, is a manager in the Service Provider Advanced Consulting Services program at Cisco Systems. His focus is general IP networking, with a special focus on IP routing protocols and IP quality of service. In his six years at Cisco, Srinivas has worked with a number of large service provider and enterprise customers in designing, implementing, and troubleshooting large-scale IP networks. Srinivas holds an MS degree in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University.
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IP Quality of Service
66,70 €
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