Information Visualization in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (Relié)

Andreas Wierse, Usama Fayyad, Georges-G Grinstein

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  • Morgan Kaufmann

  • Paru le : 01/09/2001
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Mainstream data mining techniques significantly limit the role of human reasoning and insight. Likewise, in data visualization, the rote of computational analysis is relatively small. The power demonstrated individually by these approaches to knowledge discovery suggests that somehow uniting the two could lead to increased efficiency and more valuable results. But is this true ? How might it be achieved ? And what are the consequences for data-dependent enterprises ? Information Visualization in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery is the first book to ask and answer these thought-provoking questions. It is also the first book to explore the fertile ground of uniting data mining and data visualization principles in a new set of knowledge discovery techniques. Leading researchers from the fields of data mining, data visualization, and statistics present findings organized around topics introduced in two recent international knowledge discovery and data mining workshops. Collected and edited by three of the area's most influential figures, these chapters introduce the concepts and components of visualization, detail current efforts to include visualization and user interaction in data mining, and explore the potential for further synthesis of data mining algorithms and data visualization techniques. This incisive, groundbreaking research is sure to wield a strong influence in subsequent efforts in both academic and corporate settings.
    • Data Vizualization
    • KDD and Model Visualization
    • Integrating KDD and Visualization in Exploration Environments
  • Date de parution : 01/09/2001
  • Editeur : Morgan Kaufmann
  • Collection : data management system
  • ISBN : 1-55860-689-0
  • EAN : 9781558606890
  • Présentation : Relié
  • Nb. de pages : 407 pages
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Usama Fayyad is co-founder, president, and CEO of digiMine, a data warehousing and data mining ASR Prior to digiMine, he founded and led Microsoft's Data Mining and Exploration Group, where he developed data mining prediction components for Microsoft Site Server and scalable algorithms for mining large databases. Georges G. Grinstein is a professor of computer science, director of the Institute for Visualization and Perception Research, and co-director of the Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. He is currently the chief technologist for AnVil Informatics, a data exploration company. Andreas Wierse is the managing director of VirCinity, a spin-off company of the Computing Centre of the University of Stuttgart. Previously, he worked at the Computer Centre, where he designed and implemented distributed data management for the COVISE visualization system and maintained a wide range of graphics workstations.

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Information Visualization in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
50,50 €
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