Hydrogen. The Essential Element (Relié)

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Seduced by simplicity, physicists find themselves endlessly fascinated by hydrogen, the simplest of atoms. Hydrogen has shocked, it has surprised, it... > Lire la suite
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Seduced by simplicity, physicists find themselves endlessly fascinated by hydrogen, the simplest of atoms. Hydrogen has shocked, it has surprised, it has embarrassed, it bas humbled - and again and again it bas guided physicists to the edge of new vistas where the promise of basic understanding and momentous insights beckoned. The allure of hydrogen, crucial to life and critical to scientific discovery, is at the center of this book, which tells a story that begins with the big bang and continues to unfold today. In this biography of hydrogen, John Rigden shows how this singular atom, the most abundant in the universe, bas helped unify our understanding of the material world from the smallest scale, the elementary particles, to the largest, the universe itself. It is a tale of startling discoveries and dazzling practical benefits spanning more than one hundred years from the first attempt to identify the basic building block of atoms in the mid-nineteenth century to the discovery of the Bose-Einstein condensate only a few years a go. With Rigden as an expert and engaging guide, we see how hydrogen captured the imagination of many great scientists - such as Heisenberg, Pauli, Schrodinger, Dirac, and Rabi - and how their theories and experiments with this simple atom led to such complex technical innovations as magnetic resonance imaging, the maser clock, and global positioning systems. Along the way, we witness the transformation of science from an endeavor of inspired individuals to a monumental enterprise often requiring the cooperation of hundreds of scientists around the world. Still, any biography of hydrogen has to end with a question: what new surprises await us?
    • In the Beginning: Hydrogen and the Big Bang
    • Hydrogen and the Unity of Mattes The Prout Hypothesis
    • Hydrogen and the Spectre of the Chemical Elements: A Swiss High School Teacher Finds a Pattern
    • The Bohr Model of Hydrogen: A Paradigm for the Structure of Atoms
    • Relativity Meets the Quantum in the Hydrogen Atom
    • The Fine-Structure Constant: A Strange Number with Universal Significance
    • The Birth of Quantum Mechanics: The Hydrogen Atom Answers the "Crucial Question"
    • The Hydrogen Atom: Midwife to the Birth of Wave Mechanics
    • The Hydrogen Atom and Dirac 's Theory of the Electron
    • Hydrogen Guides Nuclear Physicists: The Discovery of Deuterium
    • Hubris Meets Hydrogen: The Magnetic Moment of the Proton
    • The Magnetic Resonance Method: The Origin of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    • New Nuclear Forces Required: The Discovery of the Quadrupole Moment of the Deuteron
    • Magnetic Resonance in Bulk Matter (NMR)
    • Hydrogen's Challenge to Dirac Theory: Quantum Electrodynamics as the Prototype Physical Theory
    • The Hydrogen Atom Portends an Anomaly with the Electron
    • Hydrogen Maps the Galaxy
    • The Hydrogen Maser: A High-Precision Clock
    • The Rydberg Constant: A Fondamental Constant
    • The Abondance of Deuterium: A Check on Big Bang Cosmology
    • Antihydrogen: The First Antiatom
    • The Bose-Einstein Condensate for Hydrogen
    • Exotic Hydrogen-litre Atoms: From Theory to Technology
  • Date de parution : 01/07/2002
  • Editeur : Harvard Education Press
  • ISBN : 0-674-00738-7
  • EAN : 9780674007383
  • Présentation : Relié
  • Nb. de pages : 280 pages
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  • Dimensions : 14,8 cm × 21,6 cm × 2,7 cm

Biographie de John-S Rigden

JOHN-S RIGDEN is Director of Special Projects of the American Institute of Physics. He is the author of Rabi: Scientist and Citizen (Harvard).

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Hydrogen. The Essential Element
25,10 €
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