Data-Centric - NET Programing with C#

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Jacob Hammer Pederson et Kent Tegels - Data-Centric - NET Programing with C#.
The development of the .NET Framework, with the associated release of the C# programming language, is set to stimulate a new wave of application development.... Lire la suite
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The development of the .NET Framework, with the associated release of the C# programming language, is set to stimulate a new wave of application development. This book aims to provide the information needed to develop powerful data-centric applications using C#. To do this we'll be extensively covering the exciting new features of ADO.NET that deliver efficient data access and manipulation, and the XML handling capabilities of the .NET Framework. Accepting that data-centric applications will utilize a variety of sources and inputs, we'll also look at additional topics such as using ADO with C#, Messaging Services, and utililizing the Registry and Active Directory. This information is put into context within a number of case studies including one showing how to migrate an application from Visual Basic 6 to C#. This book has been written with the Beta 2, feature complete, version of the .NET Framework in mind. Where possible, information on running code samples on Release Candidate 1 is given. Updated information and code for the final release of the .NET Framework will be made available from the Wrox website. Who is this book for? This book is for developers familiar with the C# language, RBDMS concepts, and SQL, who are looking to enhance their knowledge of the .NET Framework's capabilities for supporting data-centric .NET application programming. What does this book cover? Using ADO from C# and Visual Studio .NET; Getting the most from ADO.NET; Handling XML; Working with the Active Directory; Messaging Services; Migrating applications from DNA to .NET; Accessing the file system and Registry.


    • Connecting with ,NET
    • ADO and C#
    • ADO,NET and C# I: Data Access
    • ADO,NET and C# II: Working with Data in ,NET
    • ADO,NET and C# III: Data and VS
    • ADO,NET and C# IV: Advanced ,NET Topics
  • XML
    • Navigating and Transforming XML
    • Directory Services
    • Messaging Services
    • Files, Serialization, and Registry Operations
    • Web Services
    • The Microsoft ,NET Server Family
    • Case Study I : A Scientific Data Center
    • Case Study II : Migrating to ,NET
    • Case Study III : Working with Legacy Systems


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