Cocoa Recipes for Mac OS X (Broché)

  • Addison-Wesley / Helix Books

  • Paru le : 02/01/2003
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Springing from the popular Vermont Recipes tutorials found on, Cocoa Recipes for Mac 0S X is an all-new cookbook that walks you through the... > Lire la suite
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Springing from the popular Vermont Recipes tutorials found on, Cocoa Recipes for Mac 0S X is an all-new cookbook that walks you through the process of creating a complete Cocoa application. Bill Cheeseman uses a practical step-by-step method for building a program using the Cocoa frameworks. He approaches the task just as you would in real life, starting where you would start, progressing through the steps you would take, and finishing up where you would end. Using the Cocoa frameworks and tools with Bill's help, Mac developers can quickly write software for Apple's modern, industrial-strength operating system, Mac OS X. • Suitable for Cocoa first-timers as well as for more experienced Cocoa developers who want to take advantage of the extraordinary power and flexibility designed into the Cocoa frameworks. • By following the book's recipes for creating a complete Cocoa application, readers can retrace the same steps to write any Cocoa program. • Readers will learn how to implement all of the features normally found in most applications, including multiple documents and windows, a variety of user controls, menus, tabbed views, drawers, undo and redo, and drag-and-drop editing. • Includes some of the newest techniques for writing Cocoa applications for Mac OS X 10.2. • Project source files are available on the Web (
    • Building an application
    • User controls
    • Data storage
    • Menus
    • Windows
    • Additional application features
    • Working with Mac OS X 10,2 (Jaguar)
  • Date de parution : 02/01/2003
  • Editeur : Addison-Wesley / Helix Books
  • ISBN : 0-201-87801-1
  • EAN : 9780201878011
  • Présentation : Broché
  • Nb. de pages : 752 pages
  • Poids : 1.2 Kg
  • Dimensions : 18,0 cm × 23,0 cm × 4,0 cm

Biographie de Bill Cheeseman

BILL CHEESEMAN lives in Quechee, Vermont. He is well known in the AppleScript community as Webmaster of The AppleScript Sourcebook ( and in the Cocoa community as the author of these Vermont Recipes ( VermontRecipes). He has programmed extensively in AppleSoft Basic, UCSD Pascal, Modula-2; and 6502 assembler on the original Apple II and the Apple IIe; Business Basic and UCSD Pascal on the Apple III; and a wide variety of languages, including Basic, Pascal, Object Pascal, Modula-2, C, and C++ on a long succession of Macintosh computers. Having retired from the practice of law at the end of 1999, he is now beginning the new millennium with a second career, programming full-time in Objective-C in the Cocoa environment of Mac OS X.

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Cocoa Recipes for Mac OS X
51,50 €
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