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C++ from scratch teaches C++ programming in the context of building a real, working application. Readers design and build Decryptix!, a game of logic... Lire la suite
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C++ from scratch teaches C++ programming in the context of building a real, working application. Readers design and build Decryptix!, a game of logic and code-breaking while learning how to program in C++. The Concept Web on the inside front cover graphically illustrates the interrelationship between the programming concepts and techniques used to build the Decryptix! application. This handy application blueprint will make it easy to locate critical programming topics in the book. * Work with variables, constants, statements, and expressions to a working program * Use object-oriented analysis to write the product specification * Apply the Unified Modeling Language to create an object-oriented design * Become skilled at using classes, member variables, and methods to implement the design in C++ * Understand encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance to create robust and reusable classes * Study the concepts of name-spaces, templates, and exceptions to arm yourself with cutting-edge tools * Familiarize yourself with the Standard Template Library to build professional-quality software


    • An Introduction to C++
    • Getting Started
    • Program Flow
    • Creating Classes
    • Playing The Game
    • Using Linked Lists
    • The Canonical Methods
    • Using Polymorphism
    • Implementing Templates
    • Leveraging the Standard Template Library
    • The Computer Guesses
    • Delegating Responsibility
    • Persistence
    • Introducing Exceptions
    • Next Steps.


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Jesse Liberty is the president of Liberty Associates, Inc., which provides on-site training, consulting, and mentoring in object-oriented analysis, design, and programming as well as contract programming and Web development. He is the author of the international bestseller Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days and a variety of other books on C++ and object-oriented programming. Presently a columnist for C++ Report, the premier magazine on the C++ language, Jesse was formerly Vice President of Electronic Delivery for Citibank and a Distinguished Software Engineer at AT&T. Jesse also serves as the series editor of Que's Programming from scratch books.

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