Bluetooth. Application Developer's Guide : The Short Range Interconnect Solution

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Brian Senese et Jennifer Bray - .
This book will teach you what Bluetooth technology is all about and show you how to write Bluetooth applications for several popular operating systems.... Lire la suite
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This book will teach you what Bluetooth technology is all about and show you how to write Bluetooth applications for several popular operating systems. This is a technical book, and it assumes that the reader has a solid background in application development and a reasonable understanding of the issues involved in creating communications applications. Answers the Question: Why Throw Away Wires? Analyze your application to determine whether Bluetooth adds end-user value. Document and Test Product Performance: Learn how to quantify connection times, Quality of Service (QoS), and interference issues. Assess Security Features: You must support security features, but will you enable them by default? Learn How to Discover and Connect to Another Bluetooth Device: If a page and connection request is successful, then the paging device becomes the master of the piconet and the paged device becomes the slave. Connecting to and Using Bluetooth Services: A remote device must conduct an SDP query before connecting to a local Bluetooth service and must support a complementary profile. Determine How and When to Use Power Management: Consider the constraints imposed by the application (e.g., maximum response times, characteristics of the data traffic, and so on). Master Service Discovery to Make a Zero-Configuration Network Possible: Bluetooth Service Discovery is protocol-dependent and mandates the use of the underlying Bluetooth communication protocol as the basis for service discovery. Implement Bluetooth in Java, C, and SDP: Implementation of the JCP standard allows programmers to implement Bluetooth applications within the J2ME environment. Embedding Bluetooth Applications: On BlueCore, your application task is called through an interpreter referred to as the Virtual Machine. Register for Your 1 Year Upgrade: The Syngress Solutions upgrade plan protects you from content obsolescence and provides monthly mailings, whitepapers, and more!


    • Introducing Bluetooth Applications
    • Exploring the Foundations of Bluetooth
    • Power Management
    • Security Management
    • Service Discovery
    • Linux Bluetooth Development
    • Embedding Bluetooth Applications
    • Using the Palms OS for Bluetooth Applications
    • Designing an Audio Application
    • Personal Information Base Case Study


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