Ariel Sharon - A life in times of turmoil (Broché)

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  • Paru le : 15/10/2006
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This chronicle of Israeli history - seen through the lens of the life of one of its major actors - reveals a resolute man of action whose contribution... > Lire la suite
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This chronicle of Israeli history - seen through the lens of the life of one of its major actors - reveals a resolute man of action whose contribution to the survival and success of the State of Israel is the stuff of legend. From his birth in the village of Kfar Malal in Palestine through the birth of Israel and its courageous struggle for life, Ariel Sharon's story has intersected with those of the entire range of humanity, from the extraordinary to the mundane, from the inspirational to the abject.
Ariel Sharon experienced heroic times, when nothing could be taken for granted and the razor's edge always under foot. The author of this book first met Ariel Sharon in 1956, and since then bas remained fascinated by the life of a simple man of the land who profoundly, wanted no more than to live in peace on his desert ranch. But historical events thrust enormous responsibility upon his shoulders, and as is well known, Ariel Sharon Look that responsibility seriously.
Though his life has been controversial and filled with large scale conflict, Ariel Sharon - Arik as Israelis call him - also suffered great personal tragedy with the death of his first wife and son. In the end, he had the courage to dramatically change his ideas and change the course of Middle Eastern history in an attempt to resolve, once and for all, the conflict that opposes Israeli and Palestinian.
With more than fifty pages of little-known documents including the famous "Roadmap" to peace, important speeches by Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert, and correspondence between Jerusalem and Washington, Ariel Sharon a life in times of turmoil offers an intriguing account of the events that have made Israel what it is today.
    • The Land
    • The Red Beret
    • A General's Ruses
    • Arik, King of Israel
    • The Political Vision
    • The Lebanon Syndrome
    • The Wasteland
    • The Long Wait
    • Prime Minister
    • The Corruption Scandal
    • The " Roadmap "
    • The Disengagement Plan
    • The Political Battle
    • Lost Illusions
    • The French Connection
    • Massive Retreat
    • The Earthquake
    • The Final Battle
    • The Last Act
  • Date de parution : 15/10/2006
  • Editeur : Robert Davies Multimedia
  • ISBN : 1-55207-091-3
  • EAN : 9781552070918
  • Présentation : Broché
  • Nb. de pages : 350 pages
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Biographie de Freddy Eytan

Freddy Eytan was educated at the prestigious Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Paris, the University of Tel-Aviv, and the Haifa School of Journalism. He speaks Hebrew, English, French and Arabie. Married and the father of three children, he lives in Jerusalem where he is presently affiliated with the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. Author of eleven books, correspondent for Israeli State radio and television in Paris and professor at the Bar Ilan campus of the University of Jerusalem, Mr.
Eytan bas also been a distinguished career diplomat, first as Press Officer at Tsahal headquarters, then at the Israeli Embassies in Brussels and Paris, as spokesperson for the Israeli side during the 1986-1988 peace negotiations and most recently, as Ambassador of Israel to Mauritania. The author bas recently appeared before the Senate and National Assembly in Paris in debates on the Middle East, lectured at the French Institute of International Relations and the International Press Center in Paris, and been the featured guest of the week on French State Radio.
Freddy Eytan - Ariel Sharon - A life in times of turmoil.
Ariel Sharon. A life in times of turmoil
25,99 €
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