Agile Software Development Ecosystems

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In a highly volatile software development environment, developers must be nimble, responsive, and able to hit a moving target - in short, they must be... Lire la suite
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In a highly volatile software development environment, developers must be nimble, responsive, and able to hit a moving target - in short, they must be agile. Agile software development is designed to address this need for speed and flexibility. Agility describes a holistic, collaborative environment in which you can both create and respond to change by focusing on adaptability over predictability, people over process. Agile software development incorporates proven software engineering techniques, but without the overhead and restrictions of traditional development methodologies. Above all, it fulfills its promise of delivering software that serves the clients business needs. Written by one of the leaders of the Agile movement, and including interviews with Agile gurus Kent Beck, Robert Charette, Alistair Cockburn, Martin Fowler, Ken Schwaber, and Ward Cunningham, Agile Software Development Ecosystems crystallizes the current understanding of this flexible and highly successful approach to software development. It presents the key practices of all Agile development approaches, offers overviews of specific techniques, and shows how you can choose the approach that best suits your organization. This book describes-in depth-the most important principles of Agile development: delivering value to the customer, focusing on individual developers and their skills, collaboration, an emphasis on producing working software, the critical contribution of technical excellence, and a willingness to change course when demands shift. All major Agile methods are presented: • Scrum • Dynamic Systems Development Method • Crystal Methods • Feature-Driven Development • Lean Development • Extreme Programming • Adaptive Software Development Throughout the book, case stories are used to illustrate how Agile practices empower success around the world in today's chaotic software development industry. Agile Software Development Ecosystems also examines how to determine your organization's Agile readiness, how to design a custom Agile methodology, and how to transform your company into a truly Agile organization.


    • Problems and solutions
    • Principles and people
    • Agile software development ecosystems
    • Developing an ASDE


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Biographie de Jim Highsmith

Jim Highsmith is a well-known consultant, software developer, writer, and speaker. He is a founding member of the AgileAlliance, serving on its first board, and is coauthor of the Agile Manifesto. Jim is director of the Agile Project Management Advisory Service for the Cutter Consortium. He is also the author of Adaptive Software Development (Dorset House), winner of the 2000 Jolt Award.

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