A PHILOSOPHER'S UNDERSTANDING OF QUANTUM MECHANICS. Possibilities and Impossibilities of a Modal Interpretation (Relié)

Pieter Vermaas

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  • Cambridge University Press

  • Paru le : 18/01/2000
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This book is about how to understand quantum mechanics by means of a modal interpretation. Modal interpretations provide a general framework within which quantum mechanics can be considered as a theory that describes reality in terms of physical systems possessing definite properties. The text surveys results obtained using modal interpretations, and is intended as both an accessible survey that can be read from cover to cover, and a systematic reference book. Quantum mechanics is standardly understood to be a theory about probabilities with which measurements have outcomes. Modal interpretations are relatively new attempts, first proposed in the 1970s and 1980s, to present quantum mechanics as a theory which, like other physical theories, describes an observer-independent reality. In the 1990s much work has been carried out to develop fully these interpretations. In this book, Pieter Vermaas summarises the results of this work. A basic acquaintance with quantum mechanics is assumed. This book will be of great value to undergraduates, graduate students and researchers in philosophy of science and physics departments with an interest in learning about modal interpretations of quantum mechanics.
    • Quantum mechanics
    • Modal interpretations
    • The different versions
    • The full property ascription
    • Joint property ascriptions
    • Discontinuities, instabilities and other bad behaviour
    • Transition probabilities
    • Dynamical Autonomy and Locality
    • The measurement problem
    • The Born rule
    • Properties, states, measurement outcomes and effective states
    • Holism versus reductionism
    • Possibilities and impossibilities
  • Date de parution : 18/01/2000
  • Editeur : Cambridge University Press
  • ISBN : 0-521-65108-5
  • EAN : 9780521651080
  • Présentation : Relié
  • Nb. de pages : 295 pages
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  • Dimensions : 18,0 cm × 25,4 cm × 2,0 cm

Biographie de Pieter Vermaas

PIETER VERMAAS studied philosophy and theoretical physics in his home town at the University of Amsterdam. He obtained his PhD with research on modal interpretations of quantum mechanics at Utrecht University with Dennis Dieks. He published several papers on especially the modal interpretation in the version proposed by Simon Kochen, Dennis Dieks and Richard Healey, in physics and philosophy journals ranging from Physical Review Letters to Minnesota Studies of Philosophy of Science. Together with Dennis Dieks he proposed a generalised modal interpretation. This generalisation has since formed the basis of much further research on modal interpretations. He bas worked at the University of Cambridge with a British Council Fellowship. Currently he is a Research Fellow at the Delft University of Technology, where he is involved in developing the new field of philosophy of technology.

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A PHILOSOPHER'S UNDERSTANDING OF QUANTUM MECHANICS. Possibilities and Impossibilities of a Modal Interpretation est également présent dans les rayons

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