Version Control with Subversion

Ben Collins-Sussman, Brian W. Fitzpatrick, C. Michael Pilato

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  • Paru le : 22/06/2004
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Open source, as you know, makes code freely available-but, without organization, code development can easily become chaotic. Version control systems allow each team member to work separately and then merge source code changes into a single repository that keeps a record of each separate version. No nasty clashes, no lost work. Written by members of the Subversion open source development team, Version Control with Subversion introduces the powerful new versioning tool designed to be the successor to the Concurrent Versions System (CVS), CVS users will find the look and feel of Subversion comfortably familiar, but Subversion is far more flexible, robust, and usable.
Version Control with Subversion is useful to readers of different backgrounds, from those with no previous experience in version control to experienced systems administrators. It describes the installation and configuration of Subversion for managing a programming project, documentation, or any other team-based endeavor. If you've never used version control, you'll find everything you need to get started in this book.
And if you're a seasoned CVS pro, this book will help you make a painless leap into Subversion.
    • The history of Subversion, including its features and installation methods
    • The basic concepts of version control and different versioning methods
    • A typical daily work cycle of a Subversion user
    • A discussion of branching, merging, and tagging
    • The basics of the Subversion repository
    • How to configure your Subversion server
    • The internals of Subversion from a programmer's viewpoint
    • Detailed reference of subcommands with examples
  • Date de parution : 22/06/2004
  • Editeur : O'Reilly
  • ISBN : 0-596-55619-5
  • EAN : 9780596556198
  • Format : Multi-format
  • Nb. de pages : 320 pages
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Ben Collins-Sussman, Brian W. Fitzpatrick, and C. Michael Pilato are core members of the Subversion development team and leaders in the Subversion community.

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Ben Collins-Sussman et Brian W. Fitzpatrick - Version Control with Subversion.
Version Control with Subversion
23,99 €
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