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Philippe Martin, a Paris cop, is called to Barcelona to look into the suspicious suicide of a girl who might be his daughter. Barcelona is a charged place... Lire la suite
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Philippe Martin, a Paris cop, is called to Barcelona to look into the suspicious suicide of a girl who might be his daughter. Barcelona is a charged place for Martin-he's been visiting every summer for the 25 years since the girl's mother left him and fled there. His investigations lead him into a labyrinth of criminal activity stretching from the most violent depths of Barcelona's society to its wealthiest families.
Taunted by a particularly vicious and wily opponent, the stakes of Martin's investigation are not only justice but his very soul.


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    The Art of Dying
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    Epub fixed layout
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À propos des auteurs

Born in Barcelona in 1971, at the age of 18 Raule won the comics competition in Bellvitge, the city he grew up in. He began drawing at the Joso school, but there he realized that drawing was not for him - he preferred writing. He began collaborating with Roger Ibáñez, with whom he formed a winning duo as they worked together for 'Otaku, ' the manga magazine published by Norma. They then published 'Hole'n'Virgin, ' 'Amores muertos' and 'Cabos sueltos' at Amaníaco before releasing the 'Jazz Maynard' series with Dargaud (2015 Europe Comics in English).
Raule then wrote 'La conjetura de Poincaré' (Diábolo Ediciones) with veteran Josep Mª Saurí. Since his drawing studies, he has never put his pen down, developing a unique writing style over the course of his albums, a result of immersing himself in the streets of Barcelona as well as the world of film. Most recently, he has worked with Gabor on the samurai adventure series 'Isabellae, ' published by Le Lombard (2016 Europe Comics), teamed with Juan Luis Landa on the historical fantasy series 'Arthus Trivium' (Dargaud; Europe Comics in English), and returned to explore the streets of Barcelona in 2018 alongside Philippe Berthet with 'L'Art de mourir' (Dargaud; 'The Art of Dying, ' Europe Comics). Born outside of Paris on September 22nd, 1956, Philippe Berthet learned about drawing cartoons in Brussels from 1974 onwards, by attending courses held by Eddy Paape at the Saint-Gilles Academy and by Claude Renard at the Saint-Luc Institute.
Adopting the temporary pseudonym of "Philibert" for his first test pieces in "Le 9e rêve" in 1979, an anthology of the best work of the members of Atelier R, he then worked with his friend and fellow student, Antonio Cossu, on the magazine "Aïe!, " and then on "Spatial." He was taken on by the magazine "Spirou" in 1981 for "Couleur café" (based on a script by Antoine Andrieu), followed by "Hiver 51" and "Été 60" (written by Andréas), the "Privé d'Hollywood" trilogy, based on the detective stories by François Rivière and José-Louis Bocquet, "L'oeil du chasseur" with Philippe Foerster, and "La Dame, le cygne et l'ombre" with Dominique David.
In 1991, he illustrated a script by Tome ("Sur la route de Selma") for the prestigious Aire Libre collection at Dupuis and two years later, he presented "Halona, " his first complete work as an author. At the same time Berthet was working with his friend Cossu on producing the series "Marchand d'idées" at Glénat, a peculiar mix of two different styles. In 1994, his clear, linear drawing and sharp framing was used for the series "Pin-up" at Dargaud (Europe Comics in English, 2017), alongside the author Yann.
The story is a fictionalized account of the world of Betty Page, the queen of erotic photos in the 1940s and '50s. Deliciously retro, this series was initially intended to be a tribute to Milton Caniff and his comic strip "Male Call, " meant to entertain the GIs at war. More recently, Berthet has also collaborated with Zidrou on a tale of Australian crime fiction, "Le Crime qui est le tien" (Dargaud 2015, Europe Comics in English 2018), as well as Sylvain Runberg on the thriller "Motorcity" (Dargaud, Europe Comics 2017).
And in 2018, he teamed with scriptwriter Raule to explore the streets of Barcelona in "L'Art de mourir" (Dargaud; "The Art of Dying, " Europe Comics).

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