Take Control of Working with Your iPad

Joe Kissell

  • TidBITS Publishing, Inc.

  • Paru le : 18/06/2010
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Want to get some real work done on your iPad? Joe Kissell helps you find and use the best productivity apps and techniques. Whether you'd like torun your... > Lire la suite
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Want to get some real work done on your iPad? Joe Kissell helps you find and use the best productivity apps and techniques. Whether you'd like torun your office from an easy chair, take meeting notes on your iPad, or edit andcreate documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more you while you're travelling light, Joe's real-world advice helps you adopt the right mindset and make the most of your iPad. Special topics include non-obvious tips on how touse the iPad's virtual keyboard effectively, the best ways totransfer documentsamong apps and devices, how toprint from the iPad, and other everyday hurdles that you'll need to surmount in order to work with ease from your iPad. This is version 1.0 of Take Control of Working with Your iPad.
We anticipate releasing a free version 1.0.1 soon to accommodate some minor post-publication changes related to significant updates to covered apps. Click the the Check for Updates button in your PDF to track the update's progress and to download it when available. This book will teach you to: Type right:You'll learn tips for maximizing typing speed on the onscreen keyboard and learn about using the the iPad Keyboard Dock and Bluetooth keyboard options. Select, cut, copy, and paste: You may be able to issue these commands blindfolded with one hand tied behind your back on a regular computer, but learning their touchscreen variants may take you a moment.
Joe explains what to do. Transfer files among apps and devices:If you find transferring documents within iTunes to be limiting, take heart, because this ebook looks carefully at which apps can open documents from which other apps and from cloud/server-based systems, with details on Air Sharing, Dropbox, GoDocs, GoodReader, Memeo Connect, Office2HD, PrintCentral, Readdle, iDisk, and more. You'll also find insight into what's going on and what you can do about it. Manage your contacts and calendars:Learn the basics of using the iPad's included Contacts and Calendar apps. Take notes effectively at meetings and lectures:It's hard to take a shiny new iPad to a meeting unobtrusively, but assuming you can get past this fact, you'll learn a few pointers for using Apple's Notes app, and you'll find tips on great third-party apps that help you to take handwritten notes, record audio, and even use speech recognition. Write and send email:You'll learn how to set up email accounts, view and reply to email, and adjust some settings in Mail to match your needs.
(To go in-depth on the topic of email on the iPad, buy this ebook with one of the bundles at left, making sure to include Joe's Take Control of Mail on the iPad, iPhone, and iPad touch.) Create documents in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, and more:Joe helps you get started with using the apps in Apple's mobile iWork suite, and he explores a number of third-party alternatives that go beyond Apple's offerings in certain respects.
Joe particularly looks at cross-application communication between your iPad, the"cloud, "and a desktop computer. And still more... Learn how to use instant messaging, browse the Web effectively (especially with apps that compliment or supplement Safari), map locations, and print, all in the context of maximizing productivity and getting your work done. A final section offers pointers to apps that cover more tasks, including drawing and painting, outlining and brainstorming, and databases.
  • Date de parution : 18/06/2010
  • Editeur : TidBITS Publishing, Inc.
  • ISBN : 978-1-61542-052-0
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Biographie de Joe Kissell

Joe Kissell has written numerous books about the Macintosh, including many popular Take Control ebooks. He's also Senior Editor of TidBITS and a Senior Contributor to Macworld, and previously spent ten years in the Mac software industry.

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Joe Kissell - Take Control of Working with Your iPad.
Take Control of Working with Your iPad
Joe Kissell
9,99 €
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