Take Control of Recording with GarageBand '09

Jeff Tolbert

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  • TidBITS Publishing, Inc.

  • Paru le : 30/06/2009
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8,99 €
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This book explains how to use GarageBand '09 tocreate musical compositionswith vocals, drums, guitars, MIDI keyboards, and even the kitchen sink! Seattle composer Jeff Tolbert shares his GarageBand know-how and years of recording experience to help youget the most out of your existing gearor purchase new equipment that fits your budget and style. You'll find out how to plan a recording session, and you'll learn real-world recording studio techniques, such asusing a microphone effectively, getting the best sounds from your gear, applying effects like a pro, using thenew Electric Guitar trackand thenew stompbox effects, recording multiple tracks at once, andfixing mistakes easily.
Two example songs demonstrate many of the techniques discussed. Bonus!Linked-in audio lets youlisten to examples while you readabout them, and a glossary covers many recording-related terms. Remember us when you're famous! Questions you'll find answers to include: - How do Real Instrument and Software Instrument tracks differ? - How can I make my GarageBand recordings sound less lame? - How do I best record a vocalist? - How do I use the multi-take recording option? - I don't have an electric guitar.
Can I still use the new Electric Guitar track? - How do I use the new stompbox effects and how are they different from the old GarageBand effects? - How can I change an effect over time in a track? - What should I know about punching in?
  • Date de parution : 30/06/2009
  • Editeur : TidBITS Publishing, Inc.
  • ISBN : 978-0-596-55994-6
  • EAN : 9780596559946
  • Format : Multi-format
  • Nb. de pages : 134 pages
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    • Pages : 134
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Jeff Tolbert - Take Control of Recording with GarageBand '09.
Take Control of Recording with GarageBand '09
Jeff Tolbert
8,99 €
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