Spidering Hacks - 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools

Tara Calishain, Morbus Iff

  • O'Reilly Media

  • Paru le : 28/10/2003
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The Internet, with its profusion of information, has made us hungry for ever more, ever better data. Out of necessity, many of us have become pretty adept... > Lire la suite
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The Internet, with its profusion of information, has made us hungry for ever more, ever better data. Out of necessity, many of us have become pretty adept with search engine queries, but there are times when even the most powerful search engines aren't enough. If you've ever wanted your data in a different form than it's presented, or wanted to collect data from several sites and see it side-by-side without the constraints of a browser, thenSpidering Hacksis for you. Spidering Hackstakes you to the next level in Internet data retrieval--beyond search engines--by showing you how to create spiders and bots to retrieve information from your favorite sites and data sources.
You'll no longer feel constrained by the way host sites think you want to see their data presented--you'll learn how to scrape and repurpose raw data so you can view in a way that's meaningful to you. Written for developers, researchers, technical assistants, librarians, and power users, Spidering Hacksprovides expert tips on spidering and scraping methodologies. You'll begin with a crash course in spidering concepts, tools (Perl, LWP, out-of-the-box utilities), and ethics (how to know when you've gone too far: what's acceptable and unacceptable).
Next, you'll collect media files and data from databases. Then you'll learn how to interpret and understand the data, repurpose it for use in other applications, and even build authorized interfaces to integrate the data into your own content. By the time you finishSpidering Hacks, you'll be able to: - Aggregate and associate data from disparate locations, then store and manipulate the data as you like - Gain a competitive edge in business by knowing when competitors' products are on sale, and comparing sales ranks and product placement on e-commerce sites - Integrate third-party data into your own applications or web sites - Make your own site easier to scrape and more usable to others - Keep up-to-date with your favorite comics strips, news stories, stock tips, and more without visiting the site every dayLike the other books in O'Reilly's popular Hacks series, Spidering Hacksbrings you 100 industrial-strength tips and tools from the experts to help you master this technology.
If you're interested in data retrieval of any type, this book provides a wealth of data for finding a wealth of data.
  • Date de parution : 28/10/2003
  • Editeur : O'Reilly Media
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Tara Calishain et Morbus Iff - Spidering Hacks - 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools.
Spidering Hacks. 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools
20,99 €
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