Real World Haskell - Code You Can Believe In

John Goerzen, Donald Bruce Stewart, Bryan O'sullivan

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  • Paru le : 15/11/2008
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This easy-to-use, fast-moving tutorial introduces you to functional programming with Haskell. You'll learn how to use Haskell in a variety of practical ways, from short scripts to large and demanding applications. Real World Haskell takes you through the basics of functional programming at a brisk pace, and then helps you increase your understanding of Haskell in real-world issues like I/O, performance, dealing with data, concurrency, and more as you move through each chapter.
With this book, you will: - Understand the differences between procedural and functional programming - Learn the features of Haskell, and how to use it to develop useful programs - Interact with filesystems, databases, and network services - Write solid code with automated tests, code coverage, and error handling - Harness the power of multicore systems via concurrent and parallel programming You'll find plenty of hands-on exercises, along with examples of real Haskell programs that you can modify, compile, and run.
Whether or not you've used a functional language before, if you want to understand why Haskell is coming into its own as a practical language in so many major organizations, Real World Haskell is the best place to start.
  • Date de parution : 15/11/2008
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John Goerzen has been a member of the Debian GNU/Linux operating system development team since 1996 and has been writing software for the last 15 years. He is interested in operating systems, programming languages, and networking, and has worked with diverse sets of each. He works as a programmer and UNIX administrator for a mid-sized manufacturing firm, and has developed Python interfaces to many of the company's data systems.

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John Goerzen et Donald Bruce Stewart - Real World Haskell - Code You Can Believe In.
Real World Haskell. Code You Can Believe In
33,99 €
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