Quicken 2008: The Missing Manual

Bonnie Biafore

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  • Paru le : 15/11/2007
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Quicken is one of the many convenient ways to keep track of personal finances, but many people are unaware of Quicken's power and end up using only the basic features. And sometimes Quicken seems to raise more questions than it answers: Return of capital from stock? "Net worth"? What are they and why do you need to know about them? Luckily, Quicken 2008: The Missing Manual picks up where Quicken's help resources leave off. You'll find step-by-step instructions for using the most useful Quicken features, including those you may not have quite understood, let alone mastered, such as budgeting, recording investment transactions, archiving Quicken data files, and so on.
You also learn why and when to use specific features, and which ones would be most useful in your situation. Quicken 2008: The Missing Manual helps you: - Set up Quicken to take care of your specific needs. - Follow your money from the moment you earn it. - Make deposits, pay for expenses, track the things you own and how much you owe. - Take care of financial tasks online, and quickly reconcile your accounts. - Create and use budgets and track your investments. - Generate reports to prepare your tax returns and evaluate your financial fitness. And a lot more.
This book is designed to accommodate readers at every technical level. If you're a first-time Quicken user, special boxes with the title "Up To Speed" provide the introductory information you need to understand the topic at hand. For advanced users, there are similar boxes called "Power Users' Clinic" that offer more technical tips, tricks, and shortcuts for the experienced Quicken fan. For a topic as important as your personal finances, why trust anything else?
  • Date de parution : 15/11/2007
  • Editeur : O'Reilly Media
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Biographie de Bonnie Biafore

Bonnie Biafore is a Project Management Professional (PMP) with more than 25 year's experience helping clients, large and small, make project management excellence part of their business strategies. She is the author of 29 books about project management, investing, personal finance, Microsoft Project, QuickBooks, and more.

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Bonnie Biafore - Quicken 2008: The Missing Manual.
Quicken 2008: The Missing Manual
16,99 €
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