Python Programming on Win32

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Python is growing in popularity; based on download statistics, there are now more than 400,000 people using Python and more than 150,000 using Python... > Lire la suite
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Python is growing in popularity; based on download statistics, there are now more than 400,000 people using Python and more than 150,000 using Python on Windows. Use of the language has been growing at about 40% per year since 1995, and there is every reason to believe that growth will continue. Despite Python's increasing popularity on Windows, Python Programming on Win32 is the first book to demonstrate how to use Python as a serious Windows development and administration tool.
Unlike scripting on Unix, Windows scripting involves integrating a number of components, such as COM or the various mail and database APIs, with the Win32 programming interface. While experienced Windows C++ programmers can find their way through the various objects, most people need some guidance, and this book provides it. It addresses all the basic technologies for common integration tasks on Windows, explaining both Windows issues and the Python code you need to glue things together. Topics include: • The Python language and the PythonWin extensions • Building a GUI with COM • Adding a macro language • Distributing the application • Client-side COM for output and data access • Integration with mail and other Net protocols • Managing users and drives • Managing processes and services This is a vital and unique book.
Python Programming on Win32 is an excellent presentation of Windows application development and a solid illustration of how to use Python in the Windows environment.
    • What is Python? Python Language Review
    • Python on Windows
    • Integrated Development Environments for Python
    • Introduction to COM
    • A financial Modeling Toolkit in Python
    • Building a GUI with COM
    • Adding a Macro Language
    • Integration with Excel
    • Printed Output
    • Distributing Our Application
    • Advanced Python and COM
    • Databases
    • Working with Email
    • Using the Basic Internet Protocols
    • Windows NT Administration
    • Processes and Files
    • Windows NT Services
    • Communications
    • GUI Development
    • Active Scripting
    • Extending and Embedding with Visual C++ and Delphi.
  • Date de parution : 24/01/2000
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The authors are well known in the Python community. Mark Hammond is the implementor of many of the Python extensions for Windows, including PythonWin. Andy Robinson is a Londonbased consultant specializing in business analysis and application development on Windows.

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Python Programming on Win32
40,99 €
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