OpenStack Operations Guide

Joe Topjian, Diane Fleming, Tom Fifield, Jonathan Proulx, Lorin Hochstein

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Design, deploy, and maintain your own private or public Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), using the open source OpenStack platform. In this practical... > Lire la suite
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Design, deploy, and maintain your own private or public Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), using the open source OpenStack platform. In this practical guide, experienced developers and OpenStack contributors show you how to build clouds based on reference architectures, as well as how to perform daily administration tasks. Designed for horizontal scalability, OpenStack lets you build a cloud by integrating several technologies.
This approach provides flexibility, but knowing which options to use can be bewildering. Once you complete this book, you'll know the right questions to ask while you organize compute, storage, and networking resources. If you already know how to manage multiple Ubuntu machines and maintain MySQL, you're ready to: - Set up automated deployment and configuration - Design a single-node cloud controller - Use metrics to improve scalability - Explore compute nodes, network design, and storage - Install OpenStack packages - Use an example architecture to help simplify decision-making - Build a working environment to explore an IaaS cloud - Manage users, projects, and quotas - Tackle maintenance, debugging, and network troubleshooting - Monitor, log, backup, and restore
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Tom has been working on OpenStack clouds in production at the University of Melbourne and actively triages doc bugs as well as submitting many doc patches. Tom currently serves as an OpenStack community manager. Lorin started running OpenStack at University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute (USC-ISI) and now works a Lead Architect at Nimbis Services. Jon has been piloting an OpenStack cloud as a senior system administrator at MIT for his researchers to have as much computing power as they need.
He started contributing to OpenStack documentation and reviewing the documentation so that he could accelerate his learning. Jon recently upgraded to grizzly and survived. Everett worked with Joe at Cybera prior to coming to Rackspace in Austin to be a developer advocate for those using the OpenStack APIs, and an important aspect of this advocacy is written code examples and code for the jclouds Software Development Kit.
He also wrote internal documentation for deploying the OpenStack cloud at Cybera, and worked side-by-side with University of Melbourne admins like Tom to get their deployment up and running. Joe has a lot of experience putting OpenStack into production and blogs about his experiences in planning for a deployment as well as working on internal documentation at Cybera, where they are building e-infrastructure as a non-profit supporting entrepreneurs and local researchers.
Joe is in Alberta, Canada.

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