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Double-entry accounting can be easy if it's explained well, and Mastering Book-keeping does just that. Now in its updated 8th edition, this popular book... Lire la suite
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Double-entry accounting can be easy if it's explained well, and Mastering Book-keeping does just that. Now in its updated 8th edition, this popular book has helped thousands of people to get to grips with book-keeping. It explains the principles and practice of book-keeping sequentially, and includes: - The daybooks and ledger accounts - End of year accounting - Sole proprietorships, limited companies, partnerships and not-for-profit organisations - Using computers for accounting - Accounting for VAT - Progressing to more advanced management accounting - The implications of the Data Protection Act 1998 on book-keepers Plus step-by-step guides to compiling a balance sheet, depreciation, accounting for bad and doubtful debts, and much more.
Everything is made clear with easy-to-follow explanations. Typical transactions are illustrated throughout to make the information even easier to understand. This book is suitable for those preparing for the examinations of ICB, AAT, IAB, OCR, AQA and all other courses in book-keeping and accounts.


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Biographie de Peter Marshall

Dr Peter Marshall is a distinguished psychologist and polymath, whose works have significantly contributed to the arts, sciences and manufactures. He has penned twenty-eight books on various subjects, including psychology, psychotherapy, accounting, finance, business and fiction in addition to hundreds of articles, essays and papers. His first novel, a surrealist work, was shortlisted for the Welsh Arts Council's Literary Prize, and chosen as Book of the Week on HTV Primetime, whereon Peter was studio guest.
His publications include both academic and popular psychology and the publication of Unlocking Your Potential, originally called How To Master Your Mind, Life and Destiny was the book that kicked off the self-help genre, which has since grown to be the largest non-fiction publishing sector of all. A qualified hypnotist and psychotherapist, Dr Marshall is a former Principal of the London School of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.
He toured the country in the late 1990s, performing mass hypnotism on stage and his "Handbook of Hypnotherapy is used and recommended by many hypnotherapy training schools. He is also the originator of The Trance Theory of Mental Illness (See Wikipedia Curative Hypnotherapy page). He is a former Regional Chairman of Mensa and the first Research Director of The Mensa Foundation for Gifted Children.
His doctoral thesis was in the subject of underachievement among Gifted Children (See Wikipedia Gifted Education page) and he was chosen to give the society's Cambridge Lecture on the subject at Queens College in 2018. Currently, he is the President of IAFHA, The International Association for High Ability. Dr Marshall was instrumental in The Portuguese Educational Reform Program, delivering a lecture on Gender Disadvantage in Education at the First National Conference on Educational Psychology, as Visiting Professor to The University of Coimbra.
He is an expert in human memory, a former invigilator for Guinness Records in memory performance and was initially selected to host the Memory Pod at The Millennium Dome. Working in Memory Research at London University for many years, as part of his work, he produced the 5 x 5 System for a Memory Improvement, the only memory improvement system on the market that is scientifically validated.(See Wikipedia Memory Improvement Page).
He also hosted The Great Memory Show for the two years that it ran (See Wikipedia Memory Competitions page and Methods Used to Study Memory page). An accomplished portrait artist, he also used this opportunity to sketch the portraits of the memory champions for reproduction in his book Improving Your Memory with The Unique Five x Five System. Since then, he has penned many popular books in the genre, in subjects ranging from training for success, overcoming destructive tendencies, study skills and mastering emotions.
Dr Marshall is also qualified in accounting, finance and business management and his books on the subject have been in print for more than twenty-five years. Indeed, the flagship one is now in its twenty-fifth year and 10th edition. His books on bookkeeping and accounts are the only ones on the market that bear the crest, accreditation and recommendation of all of the principal institutes on the subject.?As a student, he successfully completed two different degrees (a BA and a B.
Sc.) at two different universities, plus a diploma in accounting at a third institution, achieving, in the latter, the first place in the UK, all at the same time, and was acclaimed Britain's Brainiest Student in the national papers. In addition to all this, Dr Marshall is an accomplished actor and has been Chairman of Equity (the actors' union) in South East Wales for the past seven years. He is also a published historian and has chronicled two volumes of the history of the Balkans from 1853.
In addition, he has penned hundreds of papers on subjects as diverse as philosophy, quantum physics, education, politics and popular culture. In his youth, he rode racehorses. His more recent hobbies are flying aeroplanes and helicopters and he holds a Royal Yacht Association Certificate of Competency.

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