Children of the Resistance - Volume 6 - Disobedience! - E-book - Epub fixed layout

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 Dugomier et  Ers - Children of the Resistance - Volume 6 - Disobedience!.
As François and his friends continue to carry out their usual Resistance activities, a threatening new law is announced: young Frenchmen would now be... Lire la suite
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As François and his friends continue to carry out their usual Resistance activities, a threatening new law is announced: young Frenchmen would now be sent to work in the factories of Nazi Germany, whose own young men were now deployed in battle across the continent. This provides a new challenge for our young heroes, but also an opportunity to encourage the French to engage in civil disobedience and to recruit new members for the Resistance.


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À propos des auteurs

Vincent Lodewick was born in Uccle (Belgium) on 20 August 1964. In the mid 80s he attended the evening classes given by Eddy Paape at the l'Académie de Saint-Gilles. From 1987 to 1991, he wrote animation scripts for the weekly Spirou, with Benoît Ers, Mauricet, Bruno Wesel, Olis, Bruno Gazzotti, Jean-Luc Cornette, Philippe Wurm, etc. doing the illustrations. That same magazine Spirou published his first series, "La Vie Secrète des Poubelles" with illustrations by Malik. 1990 : 144 single-plate gags for Marsu Productions (illustrations by Serge Carrère, Benoît Ers and Mauricet). 1991 and 1993, for Fleurus Presse : adaptations of "Les Fables de La Fontaine" and "Le Roman de Renart" (illustrations by Serge Carrère), "Poil de Carotte" and "Le Petit Chose" (illustrations by Bruno Bazile).
Animation series (drawn by Mandryka and Pierre Ouin). 1992 : cooperation with Peyo for Benoît Brisefer (album "Hold-up sur Pellicule", Le Lombard, 1993). Drawn by Pascal Garray. 1994 to 2001, for Le Lombard : the "Muriel et Boulon" series (illustrated by Benoît Ers). 6 albums. 1996, for Bayard Presse : animation series (drawn by Edith). 2000, for Casterman : the "Les Jeux sont faits" series (drawn by Olivier Saive).
1 album. Since 2000, script of the Marsupilami series (drawn by Batem) at Marsu Productions. He currently works on the third album. 2002, for Milan Presse : scripts for the CD-ROM Mobiclic. Since 2002, script of the "Les Démons d'Alexia" series at Dupuis (illustrated by Benoît Ers). Vincent occasionally tries his hand at communication and cartoon advertising (Human Rights, Brussels, about aphasia, Kid Cool, KiteKat, etc.) always entrusting the illustrations to his faithful friends: Benoît Ers, Olivier Saive, Mauricet, etc. Benoît Ers was born in Liège (Belgium) in 1971.
After living in the Ivory Coast for a number years, he moved to France, where he attended art school. Though only briefly, as he dropped out after six months to take a job at Marsu Productions. He then returned to Liège, setting up his own studio as a freelance illustrator. Around the same time, he started out as an illustrator for the comics weekly "Spirou." There he met Dugomier (Vincent Lodewick), who would go on to become his friend and longtime working partner.
Over the years, the two have given rise to series such as "Muriel et Boulon" (Le Lombard), "Les Démons d'Alexia" (Dupuis), and "Hell School" (Le Lombard; Europe Comics in English). More recently, they joined to create the engrossing saga "Les Enfants de la Résistance" (Le Lombard; "Children of the Resistance, " Europe Comics), both a critical and popular success.

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