The Revenge of Count Skarbek 1. Two Golden Hands - E-book - Epub fixed layout

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1843, Paris. A sensational trial stuns the art world and has the streets of the capital buzzing. Is the famous art dealer Daniel Northbrook nothing but... Lire la suite
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1843, Paris. A sensational trial stuns the art world and has the streets of the capital buzzing. Is the famous art dealer Daniel Northbrook nothing but a swindler? Count Skarbek, a rich Polish businessman, will do everything he can to prove it. A gripping romantic thriller and a poignant story of love, hatred, passion, and revenge in the vein of the great popular fiction by Hugo and Dumas.


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À propos des auteurs

Yves Sente was born in Brussels in 1964. When he was little, he read "La Marque Jaune, " Jacobs' masterpiece, over and over again. Little did he know at that age that "The Adventures of Blake and Mortimer" would determine his destiny...! In 1998, while he was working for Le Lombard, he collaborated with artist André Juillard on the script of "La machination Voronov, " a new episode of the "Blake and Mortimer" series, a Cold War story acclaimed by critics and the public.
Yves Sente then went on to write "Les Sarcophages du 6e continent, " where he reveals the young life of Professor Mortimer. He confirmed his writing talents with "La Vengeance du Comte Skarbek" (Dargaud) and then "Thorgal" (Le Lombard) alongside Rosinski. He then began the series "Le Janitor" (Dargaud; "The Keeper, " Europe Comics in English) with François Boucq in 2007, before going back once again to "Blake and Mortimer" in the "Le Sanctuaire du Gondwana, " in the heart of Africa.
In 2011, he started on yet another project: the adventures of "XIII" with Iouri Jigounov. In 2012, Yves Sente brought "Blake and Mortimer" to England for "Le Serment des cinq Lords" and later "Le Baton de Plutarque." His most recent projects include the transatlantic adventure "Il s'appelait Ptirou" (Dupuis, 2017; "His Name Was Ptirou, " Europe Comics 2018), which recounts the origins of the character Spirou, and the spectacular graphic novel "Cinq branches de coton noir" (Dupuis, 2018; "Black Cotton Star, " Europe Comics), an historical war drama. Polish comics artist Grzegorz Rosinski is not so much an illustrator as a movement.
And the idea of movement is also a fitting way to describe the artist's work as a whole. Over the course of his remarkable career, his only fear was to be defined and limited by some form of identifiable style. In this way, ever since publishing his first illustrations at the age of 16, Rosinski never stopped evolving and advancing as a graphic artist. After earning a degree in fine arts in Warsaw, Rosinski soon became the star and artistic director of "Relax, " the first Polish comics magazine.
But he never stopped seeking new opportunities, which in 1976 led him to come to Belgium. He would soon meet author Jean Van Hamme, whose fantasy saga "Thorgal" would launch them both into the comics ether. Over the years, Rosinski stayed loyal to both his collaborators and his readers, but his high level of production allowed him to vary his work, alternating between "Thorgal" and other notable series such as "La complainte des landes perdues" (Dargaud; "Lament of the Lost Moors, " Cinebook), with writer Jean Dufaux.
Starting in 2010, while continuing to illustrate the original "Thorgal" series, Rosinski took on the additional task of supervising the creation of "The World of Thorgal, " a new collection of stories taking place in parallel with the main series, and brought to life by a talented crop of authors and artists. After 40 years, the "Thorgal" series remains as vibrant as ever, and peers and readers alike view Rosinski as one of the legendary figures of our era.

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